WUHAN to Launch CBD Cosmetics and CBD Infused Coffee in South Africa

WUHAN to Launch CBD Cosmetics and CBD Infused Coffee in South Africa

Wuhan General Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: WUHN) is delighted to announce the launching of its premium CBD cosmetics line and the CBD coffee line in pharmacies, convenience stores and hotels across South Africa in the coming weeks.

The products are branded under the trademarks: DrAnnaRx™ and Medspresso™ respectively.

  • CBD Advanced Revitalizing Day Cream
  • CBD Regenerative Night Cream
  • CBD Rejuvenating Skin Oil
  • CBD Oil Tinctures
  • CBD Infused Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

Premium Pharmaceutical Grade CBD is supplied by Folium Bioscience using their patent-pending cannabinoid extraction technology that offers superior high bioavailability of Broad-Spectrum Phytocannabinoids. This results in a final product that is completely free of THC and ensures the customers receive the highest-quality CBD in the industry.

“Many CBD products introduced to the market are of unverified quality. It has been our mandate to only offer products using pharmaceutical-grade CBD and to deliver only the best for our customers,” commented Jeff Robinson, CEO of Wuhan.

Manufacturing and Distribution in South Africa

CBD creations are manufactured in South Africa by subsidiary MJ Medtech. Biodata Nutraceuticals is WUHN’s distributor in South Africa and surrounding African countries.

Online Sales

The DrAnnaRx™ and Medspresso™ lines will be available for purchase online internationally so long as it respects and complies with the countries’and states’ laws.

Distribution in Canada

In the coming weeks, Wuhan will be applying to Health Canada for its Processing License under the Cannabis Act to allow the sale of cosmetics, topicals, and edibles for medical and legal adult consumer markets.

The Company plans to submit 5 SKUs to Health Canada and plans on submitting more in the coming months as it expands its product lines.

Medicinal Mushroom

Wuhan has been researching multiple medicinal mushroom types in order to formulate its upcoming range of cosmetics, coffee, and teas for commercialization in early Q1 of 2020 within its M2Bio division.

“We are very excited about the launch in South Africa. We will be selling our products to our first customers in the coming weeks. It’s a huge milestone for the company and its shareholders,” said Jeff Robinson, CEO of Wuhan.

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