Why Were E-Cigarettes Made?

Why Were E-Cigarettes Made?

A few years ago, a study has shown that smoking causes depression. This negative effect is on top of its obvious health disadvantages, which prompted manufacturers to produce e-cigarettes, a valued product in the current market.

E-cigarettes are widely known primarily to those people who do not want to smoke tobacco cigarettes or those people who tried to stop their smoking vices. This e-cigarette, technically known as an electronic cigarette, is made to be an alternative to real cigarettes.

It is intended to reduce the desire to smoke and also to minimize the inhaling of nicotine into the lungs of the smoker. Basically, those smokers who decided to stop using cigars, they divert their attention to this electronic cigarettes.

Moreover, the advantage of this e-cigarette is that it does not contain nicotine simply because it is not real. It involves electric intervention hence the name electronic. Though it is not cheap, consumers much prefer buying this because they do not have to buy another one after every use. So in a much shorter term, it is budget-friendly.

But the question is, does it help the smoker to stop their urge to smoke?

There is a study that young-adults tend to indulge in real cigarettes because they were introduced to the e-cigarette. In this age where youngsters like to experiment, and they do what they want to do, it is not impossible for them not to encounter this type of thing.

Even if they have not tried yet smoking using real ones, their urge to experience the real deal increases because they get to experience smoking with an e-cigarette.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams spoke about the 2020 Surgeon General report on tobacco and said that this year’s report has specifically addressed the complete and total cessation of Smoking. This is the first report about this in three decades.

This is because of the ongoing debate about the flavored e-cigarettes that makes teens addicted to it. The Food and Drug Administration announced last January that flavored e-cigarettes are banned in the entire state except, of course, in their original flavors, which are menthol and tobacco pods.

Since flavored e-cigarettes have been invented, instead of the people stopping their desire to smoke, they got curious about the flavors and tended to smoke more and increase the urge to try the other flavors.

The survey has shown that about 70 percent of the people wanted to quit, and more than half of smokers try to quit smoking each year. But they are somehow addicted to using e-cigarettes instead. So technically speaking, they are not quitting smoking yet. They have only changed their method of smoking. 

If people wanted to quit smoking, then there are many other alternatives.

Smoking e-cigarettes is not quitting, and it is just a diversion. Counseling and text messaging and internet support groups that will encourage smokers more to pursue their goals. There are reports stated that quitting smoking can add ten years of a person’s life.


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