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Where Can the First Legal Grower in the State Obtain the First Seed?

Dean Matt mentioned Marijuana’s Immaculate Conception in his new book “Gone to Pot”:

“if shipping marijuana and THC across a state-line is illegal, and you are the first licensed seed-to-sale, or cannabis grow in a state, where do you get your first seed or batch of seeds? “

For example, if Alabama legalizes medical marijuana, then the first medical marijuana licensee will set up a marijuana building, install lighting and HVAC systems, and prepare the soil. All the preparations have implemented. A crucial question arises: where do you get the first cannabis plant or seed? Dean, the chief financial officer of a large cannabis company in Illinois, explained that based on his experience in the cannabis industry, regulators and authorities “have a way” to safely land the first cannabis plant and turn on the camera and power supply.

Cannabis Decarboxylation |
Cannabis Decarboxylation |

There is an indisputable fact that someone somewhere has violated federal law and transported seed plants into legal states without permission.

This is now referred to as the “immaculate conception” about the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary, as a virgin, and that God put the seed in Mary’s belly, not her husband Joseph. Basically, Christianity believes that Mary was still a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus Christ, hence, it is referred to as the immaculate conception.

Some people may speculate that the newly planted raw cannabis seeds may have obtained from illegal suppliers (obviously) in the state. Since the tracking of seeds to sales, cameras, security, testing, armed transportation, etc. are all necessary, it is unlikely that the newly licensed person or the government will want the applicant to go to the “field behind John Farm” to start picking seeds randomly. The need for genes, effects, and testing will tell you that the “in-state” black market seeds are not the new, original medical marijuana project you want.

If you are an MSO and you can choose to obtain hemp seeds from other varieties in other locations in different states or order seeds from other continents or Europe. Europe is the hub of the cannabis seed trade. Many strains track the genetic origin through Europe’s extensive network of seed banks. If you want to process Landrace varieties, you can trace them back to the Middle East.

Opioids versus medical marijuana
Medical Cannabis in Germany

So, did the first pharmacy engaged in seed wholesale business in your state order the original seeds of heavy indicas from Europe, Amsterdam, or perhaps Pakistan or India? This information may not be reflected in any future audits by state or federal authorities, so the seeds are likely to be legally grown in another state and then shipped to a state where medical marijuana is legal.

To make their state-legal cannabis business open and start operations, no matter which way, someone will violate federal laws. State regulators must be aware that to initiate their medical marijuana program, they are granting a state license to someone or a company, even if they deliberately violate federal law. Does the national regulatory agency or licensing committee ask cannabis growers: “How will you get the first seeds to start cannabis cultivation?”

Don’t ask, don’t say-this seem to be a standard answer in the industry.

In marijuana, there is no Hail Mary.

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