VOOPOO Succeeds in Passing the First Round of PMTA

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"On September 4, the US time, VOOPOO disclosed that it had passed the first round of PMTA application from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."

On September 4, the US time, VOOPOO disclosed that it had passed the first round of PMTA application from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), becoming the fourth enterprise in the industry to pass the first round of audit.

According to the commission agency in the US, FDA has positive comments on VOOPOO project application

As the most stringent product listing standard in the global e-cigarette industry, the application process of PMTA is very complex, and the audit is extremely rigorous and scientific. From the submission of applications, the first round of audit, filing, in-depth verification, and then to the issuance of qualification certificates, PMTA is the most comprehensive inspection to the strength of an enterprise and the compliance of the products.

Since FDA issued the certification rules in May 2016,VOOPOO has been fully prepared to incorporate its products into the PMTA regulatory framework in the process of design and manufacturing. At the same time, VOOPOO invited the top 3 American professional service providers to provide project consultation and guidance to the internal PMTA team of VOOPOO, and carried out product compliance analysis and research with the strong R & D team from VOOPOO, jointly committed to the realization of standards and specifications.

The successful acceptance of the first round of PMTA application is a time of commitment and challenge for VOOPOO. Although it is impossible to predict how the relevant laws and regulations will evolve in the future, it has greatly improved the confidence of VOOPOO team to provide better quality and reassuring product experience for global users.

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