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FreeM in 2020 IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo


Jiapin Jianyi Technology has launched independent research and development of herbal cartridges, the cartridge is a non-tobacco cartridge and does not contain tobacco ingredients. Suitable for similar heat not burn devices. Jiapin Jianyi named the cartridge “FreeM herbal molecular cigarette”, which focuses on “free-breathing and enjoyment”.FreeM herbal molecular cartridge body is herbal extract, natural plant molecular particles, taken from licorice, rose, coffee, mint herbs. Although it does not contain tobacco, smoking this stops the craving for cigarettes. Jiapin Jianyi said that FreeM herbal molecular cigarette reduces throat stimulation and dependence compared to tobacco leaf cartridges. When smoking, you can feel the accumulation and diffusion of tens of thousands of ultrafine molecules in the mouth, which is up to user’s satisfaction.
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