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Ccobato in 2020 IECIE Shenzhen Ecig Expo


Ccobato (Shenzhen) Technology Ltd was established in April 2019. The company has been committed to providing diversified health cigarette alternative products for consumers with different needs, and always adhere to ‘’with healthy mentality, produce healthy products, share health life‘’ as the core ideology of the company. CCOBATO is the brand of our heat-not-burn herbal sticks.CCOBATO is the reverse of TOBACCO,which represents the company\’s determination to provide smokers with a tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and no harmful heavy metal tobacco replacement products.It can help habitual tobacco smokers significantly decrease the number of cigarettes they smoked.And also provide herbal stick with health care functions in the foreseeable future . In February 2020, CCOBATO Electronic Herbal has passed the JFRL test by Japan Food Testing and Analysis Center and TCT test for materials safety and healthy,nicotine-free,without harmful heavy metal and without harmful smoke fume.
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