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Vaping Wednesday News: COVID-19 Risk Linked to Vaping, but Addicted Kids Find It Hard to Stop

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"COVID-19 Risk Linked to Vaping, but Addicted Kids Find It Hard to Stop"

COVID-19 risk linked to vaping, but addicted kids find it hard to stop

sciencenewsforstudents - For a new study, her team looked at COVID-19 risk in people ages 13 to 24. Compared to non-users, those who had both vaped and smoked in the last 30 days were 4.69 times more likely to have coronavirus symptoms. The study also looked at people who had been tested for the new virus, even if they showed no symptoms. 

New York’s new rules for CBD: Food and drink OK, but not with alcohol or tobacco

syracuse - New York state has issued new rules that will make it legal to manufacture and sell foods and drinks infused with CBD or other hemp extracts. For the state’s cannabis industry as whole, the rules set out procedures for growing and manufacturing and obtaining and paying for licenses. Those standards exceed those in most other states.

San Diego County Supervisors considering ordinance to further curb youth tobacco use

kusi - The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday took a step toward adopting a tobacco retail license ordinance covering unincorporated areas in an attempt to reduce usage by minors and hold retailers more accountable.

City Council sends tobacco ban back to committee for ‘language’ amendments

kpax - After several public hearings, the proposed flavored tobacco ban is returning to committee for “much-amended language,” according to Mayor John Engen. During Monday night’s session, the Missoula City Council sent the proposed ban back to the Public Health and Safety Committee, where members will discuss amendments and language revisions on Nov. 4.

Artist repaints abandoned barn with anti-vaping message

woay - An artist who specializes in painting barns is finishing some artwork near Athens. County officials asked the artist to paint an anti-vaping message on an abandoned barn. The message includes the full anti-smoking hotline, and will encourage residents to seek help if they need it.

New CBD shop opens in Creekside Station

nvdaily - John and Nina Gately have seen the positive impacts that CBD (cannabidiol) has had on their family, and they’re striving to pass that on to others. The Gatelys, who opened a Your CBD Store in Warrenton earlier this year, have now opened a Your CBD Store Winchester at 3113 Valley Ave., Unit 104, in Creekside Station.

The shop in Winchester, which opened its doors for a soft opening Friday, is one of about 700 across the country, the couple said. It will be managed by Store Manager Holly Kimball.

Grand Rapids bans smoking in parks, but not at city-owned golf course

After a briefly heated discussion, the Grand Rapids City Commission approved a ban on smoking and vaping in all public parks -- except for a city-owned golf course.

The ban on smoking, vaping and all types of marijuana and tobacco products from city parks and playgrounds was approved by a 6-1 vote Tuesday evening, Oct. 27, by the Grand Rapids City Commission.

Headset launched cannabis market intelligence tool in Saskatchewan

assiniboiatimes - Headset, the leading provider of data and analytics to the cannabis industry, announced the launch of its competitive intelligence tool, Headset Insights, in Saskatchewan on Oct. 27.

In addition to Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, this will be Headset's fourth Canadian retail-derived cannabis market read based on aggregated Point of Sale data at the receipt level.

Martin County to consider tobacco license

wflx - Martin County could become the second county in the state to require businesses that sell tobacco to pay for an annual county license. County commissioners will vote on the idea Tuesday as part of a vote to update current county tobacco laws.

Insurance companies can't be forced to reimburse Massachusetts patients for medical marijuana use

universalhub - The state's highest court rejected an injured worker's request that the company that paid him worker's comp pay for his purchases of the medical marijuana that eased his pain following complications from surgery for a work-related injury.

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