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Vaping Thursday News: Doctors Report Teens Turning to E-cigarettes, Vaping to Cope with Stress, Anxiety during Pandemic

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"Doctors Report Teens Turning to E-cigarettes, Vaping to Cope with Stress, Anxiety during Pandemic"

Doctors Report Teens Turning to E-cigarettes, Vaping to Cope with Stress, Anxiety during Pandemic

kstp - Doctors in Minnesota say the COVID-19 pandemic has more teens turning to e-cigarettes and vaping to cope with stress and anxiety. Children's Minnesota is sending out a warning message on using electronic cigarettes.

They're getting help from Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, a family medicine resident, who uses her social media platforms on TikTok to speak to teens about health issues that matter to them.

Vote Yes On Measure 108 - Vape Tax 

bendsource - Measure 108 would create a tax on nicotine vaping and heated tobacco products. Under the ballot measure, the monies would first go to the administration and enforcement of the tax.

The remaining revenue would then be allocated to the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health care-assistance programs, including mental health services and other programs concerning tobacco and nicotine health issues.

Vaping, HTP Use on Rise among Youth as Taiwan Mulls Tightening Controls: Survey

taiwannews - With an amendment to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act being reviewed before its first reading, a new report sheds light on the number of young Taiwanese exposed to the health risks of novel tobacco products.

According to a survey released by the Health Promotion Administration, more than 16,000 teenagers in Taiwan were using heated tobacco products (HTP). Meanwhile, the number of juveniles who have taken up vaping, or e-cigarette users, surpassed 57,000, reflecting an upward trend among both junior and senior high students, reported UDN.

Vaping use on rise among youth in taiwan - taiwannews

HnB Carries Similar Health Risks as Vaping, Cigarettes Studies Show

wwltv - NEW ORLEANS — The studies are clear: Smokers have a higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms and teens who vape are at a much higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

Proposal for Extensive Vape Juices Study Agreed in Bahrain

zawya - Vape juices could undergo extensive tests before being granted entry into Bahrain as they reportedly contain harmful chemicals and narcotics.

MPs voted unanimously on the move during Parliament's weekly session, after two members presented evidence from across the region and studies from across the world about the risks of the popular juices.

TikToker Bryce Hall Is Defending Himself Against Claims He Fought A Waiter Who Asked Him Not To Vape

buzzfeednews - According to a TMZ report, workers at a restaurant called Cinco in Los Angeles claimed a fight broke out after one employee asked the TikToker to stop hitting his vape pen. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in LA restaurants and bars.

Study Shows Teen Tobacco and Cannabis Vaping Follow Similar Pattern

hightimes - A new study reveals that there are similarities between nicotine and cannabis vaping use in teens and young adults, and that they are mostly used at the same rate. Many reported using both substances, and those who reported vaping nicotine at a younger age also reported to have used cannabis. 

The results took into consideration age, parental education level, gender, race, and ethnicity as it assessed the rate of vaping use for both cannabis and nicotine. All of these questions were asked in the self-reported surveys the youth participants completed. 

Teen vaping follow similar pattern - hightimes

Vaping Debate to be Heard by Senate Inquiry into Tobacco Harm Reduction

examiner - The tobacco harm reduction debate is hotly contested throughout Australia and especially Tasmania where declining smoking rates have stalled, a member of parliament wants to raise the legal smoking age to 21 and research has outlined the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Use is Increasing among Young Adults

medicalnewsbulletin - A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine identifies the trends in electronic cigarette use among adults.

These trends highlighted by this study suggest that primary nicotine initiation for young adults occurs with electronic cigarettes. Secondly, the re-use, or continuation, of e-cigarettes among those who had previously quit may be due to required nicotine maintenance.

Goldman Sachs: U.S. Election a Net Negative for Tobacco

tobaccoreporter - The U.S. election will likely be a net negative for tobacco companies with exposure to the U.S. market regardless of the outcome, according to Goldman Sachs.

The investment bank recently took an in-depth look at the key tobacco policy issues potentially at stake, including greater excise taxes, flavor bans, a federal nicotine cap on cigarettes and possibly a push for raising the minimum tobacco purchasing age to 25.

Cigarette tray of tabacco

Teens Suspected of Shooting over Illegal Vape Pen Identified; 19-year-old Victim Remains Hospitalized

spokesman - Three teens met for the oldest boy to sell the younger two a Puff Bar vape pen, but the transaction suddenly went bad – leaving the 19-year-old seller hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the chest, court documents say.

Tobias Hamm, 17, and Logan Birrell, 16, were arrested and charged as adults with assault in the first-degree and first-degree robbery on Sunday.

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