US Sets to Release Hemp Regulation for 2020

U.S. Sets to Release Industrial Cannabis Regulation 2020

U.S. Industrial Hemp Industry Expects the Government to Publish the 2020 Industrial Hemp Regulation as Soon as Possible

Over a month ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) completed the federal industrial hemp production regulation drafts and submitted them to the Office of Management and Budget. The experts of the industry expect the U.S.government to issue the regulation as soon as possible because the regulation will help farmers to make plans for the industrial hemp cultivation and production in 2020. This year, in early March the USDA announced that it would release the regulations in autumn. If the regulations cannot be published on time, the 2014 Farm Bill will continue to be served as guidance for the US industrial cannabis industry.

Problems Remain to be Identified in the Industrial Hemp Cultivation in the United States

This year, farmers’ enthusiasm towards industrial hemp doubled the cultivation area. However, there are some problems in industrial hemp cultivation, such as:

  • What kind of seeds at the genetic level (such as THC content) can be used?
  • Is there a clear definition between hemp for fiber and hemp for CBD?
  • Whether the industrial hemp dried leaves and flowers can be used for smoking or not?
  • What pesticides will be registered for industrial hemp production?

Some States Take the Lead in Making Intrastate Plan for Hemp Production

The federal government hasn’t revealed the industrial hemp cultivation regulations yet, but some states have issued their own proposal for 2020 cannabis production plan with public consultation.

Ohio and Missouri have released their proposals for 2020 industrial hemp production, preparing for public consultation.

Illinois has introduced a bill that requires all CBD products to meet the testing requirements set by the state’s Department of Agriculture.

Alabama has started accepting applications for its 2020 industrial hemp program. The Alabama Department of Agriculture expects that the number of licensed farmers will be twice that in 2019 in the coming season 2019.

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