Try HNB LIGER STICK with 100% Hemp Material, You won't Regret

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"LIGER STICK uses 100% cannabis as its raw material. it almost has all good effects of CBD, which helps you improve sleeping, anti anxiety, relaxes muscles and inhibits your body's dependence on nicotine"

The use of heat-not-burn tobacco products (HNB) is being adopted increasingly as an alternative to smoking combusted products, primarily cigarettes, and we can see more and more innovative companies coming up with new alternatives to smoking, like IQOS and Pax.


Recently, MULA STICK, a Chinese start-up which is committed to domestic hemp application, launched its new HNB products LIGER STICK. It is one kind of heat not burn vaping pod which uses CBD (Cannabis)as its raw material without any other harmful components, such as nicotine or other tobacco substance. And there will be no second smoke harms for others.

Users will experience unprecedented calm after inhaling LIGER STICK. The healing effect will be came up after a few moments later, on both mentally and physically sensation.



LIGER STICK uses 100% cannabis as its raw material. it almost has all good effects of CBD, which helps you improve sleeping, anti anxiety, relaxes muscles and inhibits your body's dependence on nicotine


Size: 45mm( Hight), 7. 15mm (Width)

Perfectly match mainstream heat not burn devices

Suggest heating temperature 370°C or 700°F

100% CBD extract, truly restore the original flavor, 25mg high content of CBD, give you a significant experience


High content of CBD active ingredient with original flavour, which gives you obvious effect after use

Improve Sleeping, Anti Anxiety, Relax

Portable, Safe and Healthier


Insert the LIGER STICK(bottom down)into the device. Turn on the device until the indicator light stops blinking, then you can enjoy the fantastic experience


CHILLHIT LABS, a distribution leader within a product development ecosystem, expressed that this product is a revolutionary product in both CBD and heat not burn industry. It has changed the way people use cannabis products, and make it simpler, more convenient and more hygienic. Besides, the taste is good and unique, and the effect is remarkable.

HnB LIGER STICK - vapebiz

HNB is a Global Trend

The global e-cigarette market is forecasted to reach US$76.82 billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 18.51% for the period spanning 2020-2024.

The factors such as increasing working population, rising market share of e-cigarettes, decreasing cigarette consumption, shift towards next-generation products, mounting-up prices of tobacco cigarettes and peer influence on youngsters are expected to drive the market.

However, the growth of the industry would be challenged by nicotine exposure in e-cigarette and stringent regulations. Few notable trends include the emergence of flavored e-cigarettes, technological advancements, increasing switch towards e-cigarettes, robust growth of vapor devices and high demand for rechargeable vape products in developed nations.

The global e-cigarette market is broadly classified into vape (works by vaporising the liquid into a nicotine-containing aerosol for users to inhale) and HNB (heats tobacco for users to inhale) devices. High demand for rechargeable, atomizer and disposable based open, worldwide, has helped vape devices to remain at the leading position in 2019.

HNB cigarettes are marketed by Big Tobacco companies as safer than combustible cigarettes and all the noise around e-cigarettes serves the cause of alternative HNB products. The independent Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) once reviewed the two "heat-not-burn" tobacco products that are sold in the UK, and found them to be less risky than regular cigarettes. Big Tobacco companies’ interest is to remain in the same distribution chain than combustible cigarettes, while looking at low risk profile products: HNB cigarettes still employ tobacco leaf and sticks are supplied in 20 packs that customers buy every day or so.

All in all, the innovative combination of HNB and cannabis materials is promising. That is why the representative from MULA expresses his optimistic attitude towards the new product.

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