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Trump I

The proposal of Trump calls for an additional $5 million in the next fiscal year for the food and drug administration to regulate industrial hemp and its derivatives, including CBD.

Industrial hemp and CBD will receive new attention from federal agencies in the United States under President Donald trump’s 2021 budget plan released this week.

Trump | Getting Image

Trump also asked for more money to monitor industrial hemp growers.

The budget request came soon after Congress passed legislation requiring federal food and agriculture regulators to use cannabis-derived CBD as a dietary supplement.

The proposal is a response to the product’s growing popularity and a year-long delay in FDA regulations.

The FDA began reviewing federal regulations on industrial hemp-derived CBD last may, after the 2018 farm bill federally legalized industrial hemp and its derivatives. The comment has not been announced to the public.

In a statement, the FDA said the $5 million increase in the Trump budget would help advance FDA regulations for products that contain CBD while allowing the agency to enforce laws to make unsubstantiated medical claims against its products.

“Since the passage of the farm act, the FDA believes that there has been a significant increase in marketing activities related to illicit industrial hemp derivatives, particularly those containing CBD,” the agency said.

The $5 million will be distributed among different FDA agencies, including:

  • Office of regulatory affairs ($2 million).
  • Veterinary center ($500,000).
  • Center for food safety and applied nutrition ($2 million).
  • FDA headquarters ($500,000).

The agency said it would use the money to:

Regulate cannabis-derived substances (such as CBD) in FDA-regulated products (including dietary supplements) and when they are used as additives in unapproved products (such as food).

  • Make regulation.
  • Process product review applications.
  • Check and execute.
  • Conduct research.

“The FDA must provide oversight of the growing number of FDA-regulated products which contains industrial hemp derivatives that may put the public at risk,” the agency said in its executive summary of the budget.

The agency added that the money would “indirectly increase the ability of the FDA’s dietary supplement and food ingredient review program.”

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