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Traditional Cigarettes Are More Popular Than E-Cigarettes During COVID-19 Pandemic

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During the coronavirus pandemic, traditional cigarette sales in the U.S. are better than vaping products. According to Nielsen data, although the overall sales volume of combustible cigarettes decreased by 0.2 percent for the four-week period before the end of July 11, it is better than e-cigarette sales, which were declined 13.2 percent.

The decline of e-cigarette sales is not only due to the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 crisis but also because of the published related regulations on the products from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

David Sweanor is an expert in e-cigarette analysis and an adjunct law professor at the University of Ottawa. He wrote and published several e-cigarette studies. He said:

“It is deeply ironic that the credit for the recovery of the cigarette business from a near-death experience a little over a year ago can be credited to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Michael Bloomberg and the others who pushed an abstinence-only agenda on nicotine.”

(Tobacco | CNBC)

Furthermore, Sweanor pointed out:

“By undermining the low-risk alternatives to cigarettes, they protected the cigarette business.”

For the week ending March 22, and the stay-at-home orders were first issued, the data shows that combustible cigarette sales increased 1.1 percent.

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