Thinkr Vape

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Thinkr Vape

What is Thinkr?

Thinkr electronic atomizing cigarette is a super-sequence design electronic cigarette product that has been developed by the deep team for 5 years, integrating the two major requirements of the atomization method and convenience.

The company has 18 patented technologies and exclusive patented condensate purifier technology. It is specially designed for smokers. The lip feel is close to the real smoke, which effectively prevents smokers from inhaling the condensate and smoke oil. The taste is softer and more hygienic. more convenient.


We're all about creativity and innovation. Here at Thinkr, we believe in building an empowering platform for smoke-consumer products that can lead to a healthier lifestyle for billions of smokers. We focus on new product developments to deliver excellence and satisfaction to our customers.

We will always keep you, our customers close to us and hear your thoughts to improve your vaping experience with Thinkr series. We hear we care, and we respond to your needs anytime!

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