These Chinese Porous Ceramic Vape Coils Are Reliable

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"With the increase of refillable vapor cartridge on the market, in order to obtain better vaping taste, porous ceramic vape coil has been widely utilized."

At the beginning of 2020, a global survey of 1,000 people showed that 52% of the consumers in the United States chose the taste as the standard for whether to buy products, while other factors such as brand awareness, price, convenience, appearance, promotion and price reduction only accounted for 1% - 16%.

It can be seen that the taste has become the key factor to determine the development of vape brands. For vape, vape coil is a core component like the heart, and good taste is up to high-quality vape coil.

With the increase of refillable vapor cartridge on the market, in order to obtain better vaping taste, porous ceramic vape coil has been widely utilized. At present, it has been equipped in most of refillable vape cartridges on the market.

Porous Ceramic

"Ceramics is a hot subject in the fundamental research of vape science and technology," said Zhou Hongming, a professor of materials science at Central South University. 

Porous ceramic has the characteristics of strong adsorption, high temperature resistance, CO firing circuit, safety and non-toxic, which can meet the requirements of vape coil.Due to the material characteristics, it can have the liquid of oil vape evenly and sufficiently.

The reason why ceramic vape coil has become the core technology of vape is that, to a certain extent, the delicacy of vape oil and the high-quality taste degree determine directly the user experience.

Compared with the traditional vaping method, porous ceramic has the characteristics of small thermal conductivity, low density and small specific heat capacity.

Patent Barrier

FEELM won Golden Leaf Award - vapebiz

In 2016, Smoore launched its subsidiary vaping-tech brand - FEELM,which then won kinds of patent awards in the later years: In 2018, FEELM won Golden Leaf Award, the global award in the vape field, by its Film-coated Black Ceramic Conductor; In 2019, it won the Chinese Excellent Patent Award.

Besides, FEELM’s Film-coated Black Ceramic Conductor becomes the strong drive for the business of Smoore and contributes to Smoore being the international leading vape corporation.

Beside FEELM, there are other excellent vape coil brands which blaze a trail by their patent technology. Let's list some brands of porous ceramic vape coil.

FEELM’s Film-coated Black Ceramic Vape Coil

FEELM’s Film-coated Black Ceramic Vape Coil - vapebiz

First Union Group PURLAVA

First Union Group PURLAVA - vapebiz

Juwei μKERA™

Juwei μKERA™ - vapebiz

HCD AX Embeded Meshes Vape Coil

HCD AX Embeded Meshes Vape Coil - vapebiz


Bodhi BCORE - vapebiz


ALD SILMO 3.0 - vapebiz

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