Four Effective Ways to Take CBD Oil

The United States CBD Archetypes

A new study at New Frontier Data found that about one-fifth of Americans have exposed to CBD products, and the vast majority (86%) of people know cannabinoids.

CBD favors a positive attitude among Americans. Nearly half of people (48%) hold a positive view of CBD, and more than three-fifths (61%) believe that CBD can apply to a broader range of medical uses.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Vape Juice and CBD Cartridges?

Interpersonal relationships are critical to the following aspects:

  • Improve consumer awareness of CBD
  • Improve consumers’ familiarity with CBD
  • CBD final use

New Frontier Data has identified nine different CBD archetypes. These prototypes defined by dozens of behavior and attitude variables between consumers and non-consumers.

CBD product | Green entrepreneur
CBD product | Green entrepreneur

These five consumer archetypes differ in how often they use CBD, their enthusiasm and dissemination, beliefs about their benefits, and the extent to which they use and accept cannabis in their social circles.

The four non-consumer archetypes have different possibilities for using CBD, including their knowledge, familiarity, and interest in CBD, their concerns, and the reasons that prevent them from trying.

This article is issued by New Frontier Data.

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