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  • The Subordinate Brand of SMOORE: VAPORESSO Submitted PMTA and FDA Has Processed It.

The Subordinate Brand of SMOORE: VAPORESSO Submitted PMTA and FDA Has Processed It.

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"On August 20th, the 1st round of PMTA from VAPORESSO has been accepted and processed by FDA."

On August 25, 2020, the subordinate brand of SMMORE: VAPORESSO is reported by foreign media to have gotten its first round of PMTA processed by FDA.

According to SMOORE’s agent in the US, the applications has received positive comments on its production and preparation from FDA.


What is PMTA?

PMTA is abbreviation for Premarket Tobacco Application. It must be submitted to FDA before the tobacco products are marketed so that those products can be kept marketing and selling. PMTA requires the applicants should provide enough scientific data to verify that their products can be wholesome to public health.

On May 10th 2016, FDA has finally specified its rules that FDA will examine the products by Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Through many times of revision, FDA eventually chose September 9th 2020 as the deadline.

Due to its extremely high standard and complicated processes, PMTA has now become the foundation that helps to maintain long-term business in the US. Beside fulfilling the related requirements, PMTA also needs amounts time, money and labour investments.

VAPORESSO was founded in 2015 by SMOORE corporation, which was started in 2006, and publicly listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong.

Since the rules was settled in May 2016, VAPORESSO has been fully prepared to have its innovative products under the supervision of PMTA of FDA. SMOORE invited professional experts from the USA to firmly cooperate with its inner team in which there were experienced members from different backgrounds. Meanwhile, they were also further supported by a strong R & D team from leading SMOORE laboratories and basic research institutions.

Because SMOORE is experienced in ODM / OEM over the globe, VAPORESSO soon became well-known for its remarkable production at the first day, which was also the vital and basic element of PMTA application.

On August 20th 2020, the first round application of VAPORESSO has been processed by FDA. There are still many challenges and uncertainty legally. However, It improves the confidence of smore and enables them to continue to invest in introducing more e-cigarette products into PMTA in the future.

As the first company to make an IPO in the e-cigarette industry and the largest e-cigarette supplier around the world, SMOORE owns 14-year experience in this field and the advanced e-cigarette technologies, playing a important role in the industry with global market share over 16.5%.

VAPORESSO, founded in 2015, belongs to the brands of SMOORE. It inherits the spirit of SMOORE and incorporate it into the mission. The products of SMOORE covered all open e-cigarette systems which can meet different requirements of e-cigarette users.

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