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The Rising of Medical Cannabis Tourism

Medical cannabis tourism is not a new term for people nowadays. For a long time, people have been looking for better medical resources in other countries, and sometimes may take it as a part of tourism. Medical cannabis as a ‘new star’ in the medical industry, gradually sprouts and grows, indeed, motivating the development of medical cannabis tourism.

Nearly every country has its own cannabis law to regulate the cultivation, use, trade, and implementation of cannabis. For people who live in a country with strict cannabis law and could not receive medical cannabis for treatment (if needed), they may travel to another country where medical cannabis is legalized.

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Young vs Mature Hemp Tea


Netherlands may be one of the most popular cannabis tourism locations. People are allowed to sit in the ‘coffee shop’ in Amsterdam and enjoy the scenery of Rhine while smoking weed, which is also welcome for tourists. However, the debate about the legalization of cannabis for tourists who come from all over the world to smoke weed never stops.

Generally, countries like Netherlands where legalized cannabis actually is only beneficial for their citizens. As for the tourists, just as Sarah Friedman, the editor of CBD Testers, said “no matter how much it might not always be preferable, the money that comes in through this cannabis tourism makes it worth the while.” Hence, the legalization and regulation of cannabis may need more time for further discussion on different situations, such as policy about medical cannabis tourism.

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In Jamaica, the cannabis was strictly banned via the Ganga act in 1913. Then through the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2015, the legalization of cannabis was back on consideration. Finally, medical cannabis has been legalized in Jamaica in the same year. The cannabis law includes (from CBD Testers, a professional website provides medical cannabis information):

  • No criminal record for up to 2 ounces
  • A person can grow up to 5 plants
  • Rastafari practitioners may use cannabis for religious purposes
  • Tourists are eligible for permits to buy cannabis if they hold a prescription for medical marijuana

Base on the last rule, the local government is now pushing Jamaica as a medical cannabis tourism destination. Places like Coral Cove, a health and wellness resort in Westmoreland on Jamaica’s west coast, smoke, and the use of medical cannabis are fully permitted, even for tourists without an existing prescription.


Thailand has a long history of cannabis, which is used to have strict anti-drug laws. In 2017, Thailand became the first country legalized medical cannabis in Southeast Asia. Recently in early January of this year, Thailand has opened its first full-time medical cannabis clinic.

Thailand seems to identify the medical cannabis industry as the next market direction and with great economic potential. “We would like to provide medical tour packages, such as detox, Thai massage and other wellness courses that use marijuana substances”, said by Pipat Ratchakitprakan, the Tourism and Sports Minister of Thailand.

Therefore, base on the medical cannabis policy published by Thailand’s government, it seems that the government not only promotes the medical cannabis industry for their citizens but also aims to establish a cannabis tourism destination open toward worldwide.

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