The Report of China’s E-Cigarette Export Market

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China is the world's largest e-cigarette production country, owned 90% of the world's e-cigarette exports. Professional investment research shows that the market has more than 10 billion dollars of market increment space, at least.

In 2020, under the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, factors such as the stagnation of delivery and factories' failure cause that the supply is less than demand. In March, there was a severe shortage of E-cigarettes, which urged the surviving factory to produce products every day. Now the E-cigarettes output has recovered 90%. Market demand is still very strong.E-cigarettes are consumable. Thus, E-cigarettes fans need to buy it every day.

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What about the E-cigarette export market in previous years? Here's a look at some data:

1. Purchase market analysis

In 2019, 218 countries in the world purchased e-cigarettes from China, with a total purchase of $10.78 billion. The top three are the following countries.

  • The United States accounted for 25.48 %
  • Hong Kong accounted for 21.43%
  • Japan accounted for 10.74 %

2.Incremental market analysis

  • Antigua and Barbuda 12564.91%
  • Cape Verde 10876.7%
  • Marshall Islands 8,417.89%
  • Samoa 3381.56%
  • Cayman Islands: 2,944.56%
  • Gambia 2724.89%
  • The Solomon Islands 2,2229.31%
  • Republic of South Sudan 2098.08%
  • Guinea 1564.39%
  • Malawi 921.79%

The above is a partial incremental market ranking. We suggest that if foreign trade enterprises choose to select the ever-increasing market as their potential markets. They should think about their wealth strength and the market accesses of the countries.

3. New market analysis

Compared with 2018, there will be seven new purchasing countries/regions in 2019.

  • Tuvalu purchase amount $ 9822.54
  • Federated States of Micronesia purchase amount $ 2453.17
  • Nauru purchase amount $ 285.41
  • Liechtenstein purchase amount $ 87.40
  • Western Sahara purchase amount $ 31.10

Although the amount of new market purchasing is not large, it has great potential, and the number of peers is relatively small now. But the competition is not fierce. The market is promising. We suggest that the new market above and its surrounding markets should be included in the potential market plan.

All the data is from Leyi data, If you want further information, investment, or cooperate opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing Department: Marketing@VAPEBIZ.NET

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Jane Yang, master of TCSOL, editor of VAPEBIZ.NET.

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