The Netherlands Plans to Ban Flavored Vapor in 2021

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The Netherlands government plans to ban flavored vapor products in 2021. This ban aims to reduce the smoke rate, said by the government on Tuesday.

There are various flavors of vape that easily access the market, such as mojito, strawberry, and other popular flavors from mango and ice cream to chocolate. Because of the sweet tastes, smell, and studies that consider vape is less harmful to human health than tobacco smoking, vaping become more popular and shows a rapid growth among young non-smokers. Furthermore, according to a report published on Reuters, there is a sign that the youth who vape will possibly try traditional tobacco in the future.

(Amsterdam |

A government report in 2017 noted that more than a quarter of people between age 12-16 had tried vaping.

Paul Blokhuis, the deputy health minister, claimed,

"It is unacceptable that 20,000 people die every year in our country from the effects of smoking and that every day around 75 kids start smoking... The smoke-free generation we see coming also needs to be free of electronic cigarettes."

(E-cigarettes | Metro Times)

Since 2016, e-cigarettes and water pipes have been banned in the Netherlands for people under 18. And in the first half of next year, the government will refine the tobacco law. The e-cigarettes are also included, according to the latest news from the government. This action also meets the public health strategy-Tobacco harm reduction (THR)

However, the government also illustrated that flavored vape still remains accessible for adults as an alternative to traditional tobacco.

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