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  • The Moti Magic Flute e-cigarette is not to be underestimated.

The Moti Magic Flute e-cigarette is not to be underestimated.

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"Information from multiple channels shows that in 2021, Moti Magic Flute, which follows Yueke, will continue to increase its store opening subsidy and open 10,000 new stores with a 1 billion yuan subsidy. Besides, different echelon brands have also launched the latest store opening subsidy policy, ready to go all out for offline expansion."

Information from multiple channels shows that in 2021, Moti Magic Flute, which follows Yueke, will continue to increase its store opening subsidy and open 10,000 new stores with a 1 billion yuan subsidy. Besides, different echelon brands have also launched the latest store opening subsidy policy, ready to go all out for offline expansion.

In terms of terminals and the number of stores, retail sales and brand image are more important factors. Insiders reveal that the brand image and the business circle determine the retail sales of stores. At present, under the rapid increase of terminals in various brands, the standards of store image and business circle selection are reduced accordingly. Many brands are opened by the owners of their own decoration shop - because of low rent threshold, low decoration standards, owners and salespeople, and other reasons. However, the business volume is not high, but still can make a profit and continue to operate. This business model's advantage lies in the rapid growth of the number of store terminals, which can quickly influence consumers. The drawback is that the brand image has been weakened. Although it has occupied consumers' minds, it has not established the image of a high-end brand.

How can we achieve both brand image and rapid expansion? After an in-depth understanding of various brands, we find that MOTI Magic Flute, on the one hand, requires the quality of its terminals and claims to have more than 90% of its stores settled in S-class business circles. On the other hand, it has delivered eye-opening data in terms of the number of stores, claiming to have opened 2,841 stores in 2020.

Moti Vape-shop

Choice of development path

In the rapidly developing e-cigarette terminal battlefield, each brand has its own path, and the vast and high-speed expansion of the track also gives them room for development. Which is more important, terminal quality or quantity may need time to prove.

In its prospectus, RELX identified its brand -- brand building on the market side, consumer education, and by far the largest number of terminals -- as a core competitive advantage.

Since the e-cigarette was commercialized in 2004, the industry has undergone more than a dozen large-scale technological revolutions, each of which has changed the entire industry's brand ranking. Many of the brands that occupied the absolute leading position have seen their share decline with the change, just like the smoke in those days.

Industry insiders revealed that at present, few domestic head brands could achieve key technological breakthroughs and product iterative upgrades, and their product lines are too single, mainly focusing on bomb-changing atomized e-cigarettes. Most of the changes are limited to the color or appearance of the tobacco pole, which is a little difficult on the road of innovation. Therefore, product as the core drive, relying on the product matrix force, will be the next challenger's core competitive barriers and the game's biggest advantage.

By investigating the terminal channels of major brands, it is found that different head brands use different paths in the definition and extension of products.

RELX adopts the method of joint development of multiple product lines between Depth and head suppliers. Relax 1 and 4 generations, respectively, use different atomizing bomb structures. Benefits from Yue Carve in the market publicity and terminal advantages; these two have been the highest products' current market sales.

MOTI Magic Flute adopts the strategy of continuously importing the latest technology in the industry and upgrading the host and cigarette bombs. Hot style products, MOTI S Lite and MOTI C, launched in 2020, directly introduce the MCU frequency conversion chip developed by the brand and the patented surging mode, as the brand wholly owns the host machine. Through curve heating and temperature control, the taste experience is improved.


According to the brand's external publicity, MOTI Magic Flute, which is claimed to pursue the "ultimate experience," has directly won high praise from the authoritative evaluation media, industry KOL, and C-end users introduction of the latest technology.

Both brands have achieved significant growth without a major technological change in the bomb-changing atomizer from 2018 to 2021. The technological revolution in e-cigarettes is expected to come soon. Brands that are nimble at the latest technology end and can be quickly adopted along the supply chain deserve better growth.

How will the industry landscape evolve?

Since the electronic cigarette industry has become a vent, many small scattered brands have entered the bureau, resulting in the market price confusion, goods, product quality, store confusion, dealers and consumers complain more phenomenon. With the implementation of domestic electronic cigarette regulatory measures, the threshold to enter the market is generally increased, the industry pattern is bound to undergo great changes.

Can a small team with only a sales team or a dozen people survive? Do all e-cigarette brands have no product development capability, and the core technology is in the external supply chain? Will the manufacturer and the brand be one in the future?

With the continuous improvement of the market requirements for e-cigarette brands, small and scattered brands are doomed to meet the market development. This means that the industry is from a large number of the small scattered brand stage into the head of the brand positional warfare stage. If you want to become a top brand, capital, products, technology, upstream supply chain, downstream marketing network layout are all indispensable.

RELX carved to take the brand as the core driven business model, in the production and manufacturing of deep cooperation with Simol International, through the product and system support stores, service consumers. At present, the funding and supplier resources obtained by RELX Carve are the top level in the industry.

Also, in deep cooperation with SMOORE, MOTI's Feelm Atomization Core is featured. The investor channel's information shows that MOTI Magic Flute leads the industry in sales, capital, nel quality, product and development, and new techno, ology references. The core drives the main products.


As for other e-cigarette enterprises, there is a big gap between the top brands in terms of volume and terminal number, but each brand is trying to build its own competitive advantage.

After the market shuffling and industry changes of the past few years, it will be difficult for new brands to enter the electronic industry and gain an edge. It is not ruled out that new brands can enter the first echelon, but they must have a competitive advantage at the same time or find a differentiation advantage.

An E-cigarette is a long-term race track, and the market pattern must be diversified. However, only those who really have the capital scale and core technologies can gain a firm foothold in national regulatory policies, industry reshuffle and market competition, achieve sustainable development, and seize a larger market space.

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