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The First Proposal on the National People’s Congress About Industrial Cannabis Industry

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On 22nd May, the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress began. During the National People’s Congress, Yusen Zhao, a member of the national committee of CPPCC, first submitted a proposal about the development of industrial cannabis in China.

Accelerating the development of the industrial cannabis industry in China via scientific and technological innovation.

With annual sales of more than $10 billion in global industrial cannabis products, it is expected to grow to more than $100 billion over the next five years, potentially developing into a trillion-tier industry. The northern region of China has advantages in industrial cannabis cultivation and industry development.

With the process of structural reform on the agricultural supply, industrial cannabis has gradually become the dominant industry for the regional agricultural structural adjustment and poverty alleviation. However, there are still problems such as low seed coverage, irregular cultivation technology, lack of specialized production machinery, insufficient processing capacity, and lagging key technology research in the field of industrial cannabis production and processing. Therefore, there are some recommendations to solve the above problems:

Firstly, Comprehensively strengthen scientific and technological innovation.

Speeding up the selection of new varieties, actively introduce foreign innovative seed resources, improving the breeding capacity of high-quality varieties of industrial cannabis in China, cultivating high-quality varieties for fiber, medicinal, expand the national model range of high-quality varieties.

Secondly, to support the development of the medicinal cannabis industry.

Marijuana has a long history as a drug for thousands of years. However, at present, China's industrial cannabis is mainly used on fiber. The processing and extraction of cannabis active ingredients are still in its infancy. China's medicinal varieties have a large distance compared with foreign countries, the use of medicinal processing is mainly focused on cannabidiol (CBD), such as Heilongjiang Province is now identified 2 varieties, cannabidiol (CBD) content is only 1-1.3%, internationally about 5-6%. There is no complete system and technology to support the cultivation and application of medicinal cannabis. This leads to the high cost of CBD extraction, poor economic benefits, and lack of competitiveness. It is urgent to gather domestic technical strength, joint research on breeding, and product development.

Thirdly, strengthen the advantages and leading process of the traditional textile industry.

Through the technological transformation to positively lead the development of companies in the traditional textile industry in China. Accelerating the transition from linen textile to industrial cannabis textile, adjust product structure, increase product variety. Promote the extension of the industrial chain, the key areas of industrial cannabis industry should actively build scientific and technological innovation business incubation, credit financing, inspection and testing, information consulting, technical training and other service platforms.

Fourthly, enhance policy and financial support.

The government should innovate the mechanism of capital participation and fully attract social capital to jointly set up an industrial cannabis industry development fund. Within the existing framework and financial channels, certain policy support will be given to the cultivation of high-quality varieties, development of agricultural equipment, research and development of high-end products and key technologies. Supporting significant industrial cannabis projects and product development, which helps to release the burden on the cultivation and processing cost of companies.

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