The First Offline CBD Store in China (Part I)

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Inbriz Group

Last year, Inbriz Group, an industrial cannabis and e-cigarette industry operator opened the first offline CBD store in China. This article will introduce the Inbriz Group and its popular CBD products people can now purchase in this offline shop. And the second part of this article will simply review the history and traditional use of cannabis in China, also discussing contemporary policy and law of cannabis industry in China.


Background Information of Inbriz Group

As of the first CBD store in China, Inbriz Group is one of the world’s leading industrial cannabis groups located in Shenzhen, China. Its product line includes skincare product, Inbriz CBD, pet product, InbrizPets (named Naughty Paws), and related health care, InbrizCare.

Inbriz Pets

CBD Stores in China

Inbriz Group expands their branches in Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and Europe, and in Yunnan, China. It is not only a professional cannabis company with qualification to legally and compliantly develop industrial cannabis-based products in China, but also an important trade in selling and distributing legal industrial cannabis raw materials in Yunnan, China.

Inbriz Group cooperates with universities and research institutes around the world, and developes serveral joint labs to focus on the industrial cannabis in medicine, skin care, daily chemicals, and pet products. With the supports of professional teams, Inbriz Group could guarantee the quality of its products, for their CBD skin care production progress is followed by the world's top industrial cannabis skin care products research and development production standards.

Inbriz Group Offline CBD Shop

Inbriz Group now has several offline stores in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Kunming, China. And they continuously open their online legal industrial cannabis-based products store on Tianmao and Jingdong, two of the biggest integrated online shopping mall in China.

Inbriz Group Online Shop
Inbriz Group Online Shop on Taobao

There are four popular CBD products of Inbriz Group, including 2 types of facial masks and 2 types of ointments. All of these products contain some of the valuable extraction from hemp, such as Cannbidoil (CBD). For those you don't know, CBD is well-known for anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing. Moreover, CBD is also interacted with valuable extraction of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Introduction of CBD products of Inbriz Group

  • Cannabis Sativa Leaf Skincare Repair Facial Mask

This facial mask is infused with CBD, extraction of roses and famous Chinese medicinal herbs like Panax Notoginseng. It could be an excellent relief for skin problems such as hormone face, sensitive muscles, acne, skin redness, dermatitis, etc.

Cannabis Sativa Leaf Skincare Repair Facial Mask
  • Hemp Leaves Moisturing Soothing Mask

The core ingredients of this mask is CBD, and extraction of pink panlian seed oil, North American golden plum, and Chinese medicinal herbs like Centella asistica, etc. This mask aims to improve anti-aging, keep your skin moisturize, and also effectively repair run-burn.

Hemp Leaves Moisturing Soothing Mask
  • Cannabis Leaf Body Massage Cream

This cream's ingredients including CBD, Jojoba oil and extraction of Chinese medicinal herbs like Panax Notoginseng. It contains about 300 mg CBD, which can efficiently relieve muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia pain and discomfort.

  • Cannabis Leaf Multi-Purpose Moisturizer

The core ingredients of this cream are CBD, extraction of lithospermum erythrorhizon, and pink panlian seed oil. There are 400 mg CBD infused in this cream. The interaction between CBD and extraction of medicinal herbs efficiently works for acne, moisturizing, whitening and antioxidant. Furthermore, this cream is suitable for both body and facial skin. It can be used for post-sun repair, dilution of acne marks, scars, and emergency relief of skin red rashes.

CBD cream of Inbriz Group

The above products have received a lot of good comments from customers.

From another aspect, the success of Inbriz Group also reflects a great value and future potential of the industrial cannabis market in China. Does this mean Chinese government already brodened the regulation of industrial cannabis market? Is there any new policy support the development of cannabis industry? In fact, there is a significant sign that Chinese government will come up more new policy to support the development of industrial cannabis market and with better regulation than now. If you are interested in Chinese cannabis law, please follow us and find out more in the next article.

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