The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil What is the Difference丨The Cannabis Exchange

Nowadays, a new wave of CBD products is sweeping the world, and various types of products appear on the market. CBD oil has become a new favorite of consumers. However, in addition to CBD oil, the other is hemp oil. Hemp oil has occupied the market share for decades-but what is the difference between these two products?

Origin of CBD oil and hemp oil

CBD oil and hemp oil have in common in many ways. Although the names are different, most of them come from the same plant: hemp. In the UK, the legal THC concentration of cannabis plants must not exceed 0.2% to be classified as cannabis.

THC restrictions vary from country to country around the world. For example, the THC content in the United States is limited to 0.3%, but in Switzerland it is 1%.

Although both products come from the same plant, the CBD content is quite different. All this stems from the part of the cannabis plant used for production.

Reasons for different products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most common cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. However, this compound has different concentrations in different parts of the plant. The leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant contain the most cannabinoids, which makes them valuable in extracting CBD oil.

The seeds of the cannabis plant are almost free of CBD, but the seeds still have many other uses and can be reserved for the production of hemp oil-commonly known as hemp seed oil. In addition, seed oil can be used as a carrier oil to extract CBD from other parts of the cannabis plant.

British CBD extract

Although CBD may provide higher income opportunities for cannabis growers and cannabis companies, the current legislation in the United Kingdom has placed great restrictions on this area. Under current British law, cannabis growers are not allowed to pick the flowers and seeds of the cannabis plant because this part has the highest cannabinoid content.

These restrictions mean that most of the UK’s CBD oil products are actually imported from other countries, such as Europe, the United States or China. Cannabis plants are used to produce other things, such as building materials, bioplastics, and clothing.

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