The 3rd Separation Technology Forum(Kunming) Held Successfully

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"The 3rd Separation Technology Forum(Kunming) & CBD Processing Technology Forum was successfully held in Kunming, Yunnan province."

On October 13, 2020, Spring City Kunming has witnessed the successful convocation of The 3rd Separation Technology Forum(Kunming) & CBD Processing Technology Forum. Over 200 Participants come from more than 100 governments, enterprises, scientific research institutions, and news medias, which can be described as an audio-visual feast of the industrial hemp industry. Attending companies include Yunnan Industrial Investment Group, Layn Natural Ingredients, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Kunming, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hemp Times, etc.

Kou Xiaokang, CEO of Sunresin New Materials Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech. At the same time, he showed the new technology of Sunresin in the extraction and purification of CBD and the extraction of other active ingredients of industrial hemp. He was full of hope for the future of the industrial hemp industry and expressed his willingness to work together with domestic industrial hemp producers to irrigate and cultivate the thriving industrial forest. Sunresin, as a professional separation and purification overall solution provider, an essential partner of domestic industrial hemp manufacturers, and the organizer of this conference, has provided advanced process equipment and professional technical services to more than 20 industrial hemp manufacturers at home and abroad. It is an enterprise that can offer large-scale "one-stop" system solutions in the whole industry.

CBD Processing Technology Forum - Vapebiz

The expert Q&A session was hosted by Professor Rao Gaoxiong of Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine. Representatives of the attending enterprises actively asked questions on issues of concern in developing the industrial hemp industry. The experts and entrepreneurs' representatives gave detailed answers, combined with the expert's description and reasonable expectations on the broad application prospects of industrial hemp's active ingredients, which has given confidence and direction to the industrial hemp industry.

During the conference, Sunresin displayed its own intellectual property of low-pressure preparative chromatography system and the second-generation CBD extraction and purification technology, which shows that THC content of CBD full spectrum oil can be reduced to less than 10ppm, and the purity of CBD crystal can reach more than 99.8%. Sunresin’s competitive separation system and advanced technology have attracted many attending companies. They also had in-depth exchanges with Sunresin’s technicians on the new generation of CBD extraction technology and complete line equipment.

Finally, Ms. Zhi Caihui, general manager of Sunresin’s life and health business department, delivered a closing speech to express her heartfelt thanks to all the distinguished guests and representatives of the participating enterprises for attending the meeting as scheduled. She said that under the leadership of governments at all levels, Sunresin will work closely with industrial hemp production enterprises and relevant scientific research institutions to promote the industrial hemp industry's in-depth development to high quality, and jointly achieve a brilliant future of the industry!

This forum was a complete success with the strong support of governments at all levels, related enterprises, scientific research enterprises, and the medias. The generous sharing and in-depth discussions among participants have promoted the exchange of technology and information within the industry. As a key technology and equipment supplier for the extraction of active ingredients of industrial hemp, Sunresin is willing to work with the relevant enterprises of the industrial hemp to build together and achieve the top of the global industrial hemp industry.

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