THC and Genetics, Two Main Factors in Cannabis Seeds Selection

For people who start to grow cannabis, it is hard for them to select an ideal strain when there are so many different cannabis strains available for growers to invest now. Getting started with a good cannabis seed is vital when you decide to grow your cannabis plant. The price for the cannabis seed is not the only reference. An expensive seed may also not guaranteed to germinate. THC and genetics are two of the main factors that should be concerned about in the breeding process.

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Genetics of the seed strain will decide the final result of the cannabis plants. The seed’s genetics will lead to different growing environments, germination time, mature plant height, flavor, and aroma of marijuana that you harvest in the end.

One advice for new cannabis seed growers is to know more about the genetics of cannabis seeds and consider whether the seeds are feminized. Because male cannabis plants have no flowers, hence, it doesn’t provide any cannabis crop. Unless you aim to breed seeds, otherwise a male cannabis plant is worthless.

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The next factor that needs to be concerned about is the strain of cannabis seed, primarily THC. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive compound in cannabis and gives you the feeling of being high. And it is a crucial component in recreational marijuana (if this is also what you are looking for). Contemporary cannabis seed strains are normally bred for higher contents of THC. However, if you pursue medicinal marijuana, seed with a high content of CBD and THC less then 0.3 percent is more suitable for growth.

Moreover, the health of the seeds also important. The color of the seeds is a useful reference for seed selection. An ideal cannabis seed generally in dark tan, brown, or black.

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