Sunresin - the Bellwether in the Field of Chinese CBD Extraction Tech

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"Emphasizing tech innovation, Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd. has become the leader in the CBD extraction field in China and achieves prominence in the world’s CBD extraction market."

As one of the most significant components in cannabis, CBD has been applied to many fields of human beings. Currently, there are several techniques used in CBD extraction globally, and improving the tech to better extract CBD has been the consensus of all cannabis companies.

Emphasizing tech innovation, Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd. has become the leader in the CBD extraction field in China and achieves prominence in the world’s CBD extraction market. is a medium committed to reporting the Chinese cannabis industry, and we luckily have an exclusive interview with Xiaokang Kou, general manager of Sunresin. Below is the transcript of the interview and the video, which is already uploaded to Youtobe.

the interview with Sunresin's general magager

The Transcript of the interview

Part 1: Introduction of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd.

Hello, everyone. I'm Kou Xiaokang, general manager of Sunresin. CBD is a field that has a broad market and has been developing rapidly in the plant extraction industry. According to the data of Brightfield Group, the output value of CBD is about 5.7 billion US dollars in 2019, and it is expected to grow to 18.1 billion US dollars in 2021, with an annual growth rate of about 78%.

CBD market is still in the early stage of development, so there is a large space for improvement, and the enterprises devoting to this will have a bright future. Sunresin, as an industry-leading integrated solution enterprise for extraction and separation, has been deeply engaged in the CBD field for more than five years. Relying on the core advantages of separation materials and equipment, combined with the technical experience in plant extraction industry, Sunresin has a profound understanding of relevant laws and policies in China and the actual needs of CBD processing enterprises, so it has made a series of important achievements in this industry. For example, in June 2019, the invented polymer chromatographic material can separate CBD and THC, and the loading capacity is increased by 5-7 times compared with the traditional silica gel method, and 2-3 times higher than the C18, it makes the chromatography truly realize the large-scale production in CBD field, and it also significantly decrease the extraction cost and open the gate for massive industrial output of CBD.

Part 2: Sunresin's Technical Advantages in the Field of CBD Extraction

In 2020, we successfully introduced the simulated moving bed technology into the industrial hemp extraction field, enabling the flower and leaf transformation, extraction, desolvation, and dehydration to be completed automatically in one set of systems. The system has been put into industrial operation in September. The process shows that the yield rate of CBD can exceed 80%. The full-spectrum oil of CBD can reduce THC to below 10ppm. The purity of CBD crystal can up to 99.8%; Sunresin has provided advanced process equipment and professional technical services for more than 20 domestic and foreign production enterprises. It is the only enterprise in the industry that could provide EPC solution for large scale plant

Part 3: Sunresin's Marketing Promotion

In terms of market promotion, in China, due to the sensitivity of CBD industry and the public security system's supervision, we pay a lot of attention to the national policies and strictly abide by the laws and regulations. Our marketing promotion mainly centers in Yunnan and Hei Long Jiang, where CBD laws are permitted. We have cooperative laboratories and regular staff in San Francisco in the US to develop processes and equipment suitable for local raw materials and serving the North American market. Recently, a new equipment has been purchased and will be shipped to the US.

Currently, the CBD market's processing is mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Part 4: Impacts of Sunresin's Tech on the Industry

Sunresin is an innovation oriented company, and its annual R & D investment accounts for more than 6% of its operating revenue. Sunresin is committed to innovation and industrialization of independent intellectual property rights, which has stipulated the technological innovation in many downstream industries, changed the development pattern of many downstream industries, promoted Chinese adsorption and separation material industry to participate in international competition, What’s more, it created a number of international leading technology, and its industrialization ranks top in the industry, such as vegetable juice processing, gallium extraction, cephalosporin Separation, lithium carbonate extraction from salt lake brine, etc.

In terms of plant extraction, Sunresin is the largest supplier of core materials and equipment in China, serving more than 95% of users in the industry. In the development of large numbers of plant extract, such as panax notoginseng extract, ginkgo extract, tea polyphenols, stevioside and natural pigment, Sunresin provides a continuous stream of application scenarios and solutions for downstream industries and enterprises.

The development process of Sunresin shows that once we enter a certain industry, we will continuously improve technology and jointly promote the development of downstream industries with customers.   

CBD, as an emerging industry, there may be still some problems in the development. Based on the strong industrial foundation of plant extraction in this field, Sunresin has been developing both in core materials and equipments, and we will continue to develop in the future, and we will adhere to the development concept of R&D one generation, , implementing one generation and marketing another generation, and continue to maintain R&D strength to improve the technology and development requirements in the industry and supply strong technical support for the extraction and separation of CBD industry.

Part 5: Sunresin's Anticipations on the CBD Industry

In the industrialization of CBD Industry, Suresin has occupied a leading position and technology first-mover advantage in the field of CBD industrialization. It will adhere to the consistent innovation oriented concept, continue to carry out the technological innovation strategy, continuously provide customers with higher value-added products and services, and become a loyal strategic partner of CBD production enterprises.

Sunresin is confident of continuous progress.Under the leadership of governments at all levels, Sunrein will work closely with other production enterprises and relevant scientific research institutions to become the enabling force of CBD industry, promote the high-quality and in-depth development of the industry, and work together to create brilliance.

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