Spain Government Toughen Tobacco Law

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Because the 1998 tobacco law of Spain without any further amendment is not suitable for the contemporary situation, hence, according to a report in EuroWeekly, the Spanish government is working on a new tobacco law to replace the outdated one.

Salvador Illa is the Minister of Health of Spain. He plans to increase taxation and specified different taxes for different tobacco products, which seems fairer for various consumers. For example, cigarettes require more taxed than tobacco rolled by yourself.


According to the latest statistic, contemporary smoking generates €9 billion ($10.09 billion) in tobacco taxes for the Spanish treasury each year.

And then to avoid hoard, the increase in the tobacco product price will be completed without notice.

Moreover, the Health Department of Spain attempts to extend smoke-free areas. This may help to build a healthy public environment, particularly for people who not smoke. And considering the risk of health and safety, smoking will possibly be banned in private cars, especially when there are children in the car.

In addition, Spain’s Ministry of Finance attends to tighten the regulatory framework to meet the standards on cigarettes and vape released by World Health Organization (WHO) and EU. For example, the new tobacco law will focus on the regulations of import or sale of both cigarettes and electronic devices.


Besides, the Spain government are plans to reduce the illegal trafficking of tobacco products by increasing sanctions on importers.

According to a recent plan, the government aims to come up with a draft in September, so that before the end of this year, this draft could be handed to the Congress of Deputies for further approval.

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