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Smoking Does Not Reduce the Risk of COVID-19, but Increases!

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Matthew Meyers, chairman of the Tobacco Free Campaign for Children in Washington, DC, said in a statement that French data on smoking, nicotine, and COVID-19 published on the Qeios website are not reliable. The source of these statistics is a very small sample size of a French hospital that does not involve a representative sample or consider significant potential confounding factors.

The media reported data released by Qeios, which caused misleading information about smoking and COVID-19. The misleading content of this information is: smokers have a lower risk of COVID-19; nicotine has an anti-COVID-19 effect. But there is increasing evidence that smokers are more likely to suffer the more serious consequences of COVID-19. These two conclusions conflict.

Contrary to data reported in the news, there is solid evidence that smoking increases the chance of respiratory infections. Smoking weakens the immune system and causes various chronic health diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, and diabetes. These reasons make smokers and smokers face greater risks when facing COVID-19.

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More than 8 million people worldwide die from smoking each year, and the risks posed by tobacco are obvious. Now that public health organizations and governments around the world are facing huge threats to health and the economy from COVID-19, tobacco companies use this misleading information to make huge profits.

Scientists explained, “COVID-19 epidemic provides a ‘teachable moment’ in which smokers may be uniquely receptive to stop smoking advice. It is plausible that a spike in quit rates could help reduce community transmission of SARS-CoV-2”. However, Analysis of the tobacco industry’s public relations and social media shows that the tobacco industry is using this pandemic to vigorously promote e-cigarettes. To this end, some tobacco companies claim that the composition of e-cigarettes helps to suppress the spread of COVID-19, and also take the opportunity to promote their own stocks.

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