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Revolutionary smoke-free technology, eliminating second-hand smoke hazard

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“Smoke” and nicotine are the soul of e-cigarettes, without them, is e-cigarette still itself?

The answer is yes, smoke is just a visible satisfaction to users, but whether e-cigarettes or cigarettes, the ultimate satisfaction is to stimulate the body’s dopamine secretion, that is, as long as the active ingredients can be sufficiently absorbed by the body, it won’t matter whether the electronic cigarette generate smoke or not.

Introducing the matured “CYONE smokeless e-liquid technology”. Cyone is “pure gaseous” that differs from traditional e-liquid in terms of composition and characteristics. The smoke generated by atomizer will be completely absorbed by the human body quickly. No “second-hand smoke” will be generated to poison surroundings.

When the e-liquid is heated to a certain temperature, it will be atomized and quickly decompose and absorb by the human body. Therefore, when exhaled, it won’t carry any “smoke”. The inhaled substance can be excreted after a short time of decomposition, leaving no harmful residues to the body. The principle of cyone e-liquid technology is similar to medical atomization absorption. Without nicotine and smoke, cyone technology also provide a certain degree of “throat hit”

In the meantime, cyone can provide the same “throat hit” of the traditional e-liquid level just by adding 10% amount of nicotine used in traditional e-liquid technology.

Traditional e-liquid usually have a nicotine concentration of 20, 30, and 50 ounces, while cyone smoky oil technology requires only one-tenth of the nicotine salt, which not only saves a significant amount of raw material cost but also avoid the negative effects of high concentrations of nicotine.

The patent barrier is threatening the whole e-cigarette industry. With the tightening of global intellectual property protection, e-cigarettes are always accompanied by patent problems due to special product characteristics.

Penicillin, microwaves, pacemakers, great inventions are often coincidences, as is the cyone e-liquid technology. Since it was not originally developed for e-cigarettes, cyone technology did not adopt the conventional combination of e-liquid. With its technical patents at hand, the future seems to be promising.

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