Reviews for CBD Dog Treats

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Nowadays, with the gradually discovering the health benefits of CBD, more and more CBD-related products appear on the market. Most of the previous CBD products were designed for humans, and now there are CBD foods specially designed for pets.

Now CBD dog food can provide benefits for the health of your beloved dog, and the effect of CBD on dogs is the same as the effect on humans.

Whether you buy hemp products for human use or CBD dog food, they all have a core ingredient-CBD. Although it is an extract of cannabis, it does not hallucinate people and pets and has no side effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant and is usually mixed with coconut oil. Mix it in dog food so pets can absorb this ingredient.

If you are really worried that CBD dog treats will be bad for dogs, I suggest that you do not try them easily. CBD cannabis extract is contrary to what is generally believed; this ingredient can not have side effects on the nervous system of humans and dogs. This can bring benefits to people and pets because they both have an endogenous cannabinoid system.

Dog Treats | BLOSUMCBD

What are the benefits of CBD for pets?

For humans, CBD can be used as an alternative medicine to treat various diseases such as alleviating inflammation, chronic pain, and clinical anxiety.

Soothes inflammation
Relieve joint pain
Soothing arthritis
Reduce chronic stress in pets
Ease pet separation anxiety

The benefit of these CBD oils is what makes many pet owners willing to buy CBD dog food for their dogs. This natural supplement does not risk pet organs or excessive consumption.

There are now many clinical trials to prove the effect of CBD oil on pets. For example, Cornell University found that dogs with osteoarthritis took it every 12 hours. After 4 weeks of continuous use, they had less pain than the control group who did not take CBD.

Colorado State University gave CBD to dogs with epilepsy and found that 89% of dogs taking cannabidiol had a lower risk of epilepsy.

In addition, the University of Reading School in the UK studied the antiepileptic effect of CBD on mice and found that cannabidiol may alter the effects of the disease.


What is CBD Dog Treat?

Now that you know the role of CBD in humans and pets, you may have a question: Why do you want to make CBD dog treat instead of adding CBD oil directly to the dog pot?

Hmm … your dog may not like to eat dog food soaked in CBD oil, and may only like what it is, so it may not like anything added.

In order to make dogs eat more and have more fun, Blosum ’s CBD Dog Chews are safe and harmless for dogs. More importantly, this dog biscuit is beef liver flavor, which the dog will definitely like.

Best CBD Dog Treat

Blosum’s Dog Treat Soft Chews contain the optimal amount of 3 mg CBD required by pets. These products do not contain THC (THC will have a hallucinogenic effect).

Why Blosum CBD Dog Chews?

Each Blosum ’s CBD Dog Chews is made in the United States and tested in a third-party laboratory. It does not contain any GMOs or other harmful chemicals.

Can help your dog:

Ease separation anxiety
Facilitate his movement
Provide wellness as he ’s aging
Renew his skin and his coat
Reduce fur loss

Your dog may feel dry, and other effects are small or almost impossible unless the dosage is not used properly. Please follow the recommended dosage on the dog food package to avoid such adverse reactions.

The most important thing is, please consult your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD or other pet products. Experts will help you determine the appropriate CBD content or dog food type for your dog.

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