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Review of 2020 International Electronic Cigarette Industry Exhibition

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"The 6th International Electronic Cigarette Industry Exhibition (IECIE) was successfully held in Shenzhen. This article is a review of the exhibition."

The 6th International Electronic Cigarette Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as IECIE) was held in hall 1 / 2 / 9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (in Futian district of Shenzhen) from August 20th to Augest 22nd, which was the first offline large electronic cigarette exhibition since the outbreak of pandemic in 2020.

The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE

The exhibition had been worried for its lack of audiences and oversea clients due to the influence of Covid-19 and the factors of economy and politic. However, it turned out whether it was the number of audiences and companies or the arrangements of activities and forums, was all over the expectation.

The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE

This year's IECIE e-cigarette exhibition has fully occupied three major venues and outdoor squares of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters. More than 400 e-cigarette-related enterprises participated in the exhibition, and over 2,500 brands participated. It contained all kinds of e-cigarette products and services from upstream to downstream, and manifested a complete picture of the e-cigarette industry, which provided those who worked in the industry with communication business and a platform of seeking to new solutions.

The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE

The IECIE was hosted by Shenzhen Bowen Exhibition Corporation. The first exhibition started in 2015. For the whole e-cigarette industry, IECIE has been being committed to build Shenzhen as the global e-cigarette industry city that leads the industry to innovate and earn foreign exchanges. In 2019, IECIE attracted buyers from over 85 countries to Shenzhen for procurement and communication. It has now become a vane for global e-cigarette industry development, contributing to the export of related industries in Shenzhen to earn foreign exchange and provide employment opportunities.

The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE

The e-cigarette industry of China mainly focused on oversea export. Due to the pandemic, oversea professional audiences cannot participate this year. To reduce the present enterprises’ economic loss and be aligned with the China’s policies of buttressing export and maintaining employment, IECIE adopts the mode of overseas online cloud exhibition hall using live-streaming to show the foreigners the scene.

The scene of IECIE

In 2019, more and more attention has been paid to e-cigarette in China, and capital intervention has made e-cigarette a new outlet. With the implementation of policies and regulations, China's e-cigarette market has gradually broken the chaos and embarked on the right track. China's e-cigarette industry has entered a year of deep cultivation of offline channels by strictly following the provisions of the circular on prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors issued by the State Administration of market supervision and administration and the state tobacco monopoly administration.

The scene of IECIE

Under the background of industry standardization, e-cigarette brands vigorously support offline physical stores. Take an e-cigarette head brand manufacturer as an example, more than 3,000 new franchised stores have been opened nationwide in 2019. The efficient opening scene of e-cigarette was also gradually emerging. How to better serve e-cigarette users and bring better and more stable income to the shopkeepers has become the direction of joint efforts of manufacturers and market practitioners.

The scene of IECIE

At the scene of IECIE, e-cigarette brands launched new products and new technologies, and at the same time, they also provided more favorable policy support for dealers and franchisees. Mature e-cigarette brands could not only provide professional store opening guidance for physical store investors, including store design, store materials, etc., but also provide additional subsidy policies to support e-cigarette physical stores and accelerate terminal market layout. In this way, IECIE has become an important way for e-cigarette brands to lay out their domestic market.

The scene of IECIE

As the first offline large electronic cigarette exhibition since the outbreak of pandemic in 2020, IECIE was held as scheduled, representing the confidence of e-cigarette industry recovery and guiding the development of e-cigarette industry.

The scene of IECIE
The scene of IECIE

Through the wonderful display of IECIE, we can see the strong momentum of e-cigarette industry recovery in 2020. With the alleviation of global pandemic, e-cigarette industry may usher in a new development in 2020.s

(All pictures above are from IECIE Wechat Official Account.)

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