RELX CBD Started Selling in Japan

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"RELX, a fast-growing e-cigarette company in China, launched its new CBD Vaping products in Japan."
RELX CBD in Japan

RELX CBD Launched in Japan

RELX, a fast-growing e-cigarette company in China, launched its new CBD products in Japan. RELX CBD as its new CBD product is produced and packaged and sells in Japan initially.

According to Once CBD, RELX started selling CBD pods at the end of 2019, each consisting of 5% cannabinoid content. Although vape oil cartridges containing nicotine are banned for selling in Japan, THC-free products like CBD pods are allowed for sale, which would require a quite high standard for CBD extraction.

Source: Jackcring Z | Wacom Gallery


RELX CBD Packaging / Photo by ONCECBD


  • 3980 Yen for 2 RELX CBD pods
  • 7920 Yen for a RELX CBD starter kit, including 2 CBD pods

A RELX CBD starter kit contains a RELX CBD vape pen and 2 RELX CBD pods packaged separately. The RELX CBD vape pen is similar to RELX Alpha series products. However, it is different in having 2 less locating bolts and smaller inner dimensions that vape pods for RELX Alpha will not be compatible with RELX CBD vape pens.

Moreover, a RELX CBD pod contains a 15ml cotton core with 5% of cannabinoid. RELX CBD pods are vacuum-packaged in metallic paper. In addition to that, each pod has paper tape sealed on top in case of leaking. RELX CBD pods have 5 different flavors such as mint, ludou ice, tropical fruit, fresh red, and blue burst.

Why Japanese Market

Japan harbors a high percentage of smoking groups. According to the World Health Statistics which is compiled by the World Health Organization in 2016, Japan had the highest rate of male smoking among Group of Seven, consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

RELX CBD targets the high percentage of smoking groups in Japan who are often associated with complications of high pressure. CBD-containing products can potentially help people reach health and wellness goals as well as help with depression, nausea, and inflammation. Therefore, RELX CBD products would help high-pressure groups relieve stress and have a good night’s sleep in Japan.

Now RELX CBD sells in more than 100 stores located in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, mostly popular among vape shops and bars. And it is also available online.

RELX CBD Store Locations
Source: RELX CBD

VAPEJP Commercial

RELX CBD now is available for sale on VAPEJP, Japan’s largest e-cigarette and the latest news site on vape products. According to VAPEJP, RELX CBD’s recent advertisement on its site states that “Mornings for XXQS, Nights for RELX CBD.” In this commercial, XXQS is suggestive of the most popular heat-not-burn vape product in Japan, IQOS. Instead of competing directly with Japanese vape giants, RELX CBD utilizes offensive strategy to differentiate its products from them by positioning RELX CBD in a relatively different market.

Source: VAPEJP

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Source: RELX CBD, Once CBD,, Wacom Gallery, VAPEJP

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