RELX CBD - Inner Peace Technology Enabled

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"RELX has launched its first CBD Vape - RELX CBD in Japan"
RELX CBD in Japan

Introducing RELX CBD

RELX CBD is a technically Avant-grade product that developed in Japan by RELX, the Asia leading vape brand.

The innovative α-shaped airway is designed for flavorful vapor, it draws resistance 95% similar to that of a real cigarette. The architecture-inspired design, long-lasting battery, and consistently smooth vapor bring you intuitive user experience.

The SmartPace vibrate alert allows you to track your usage to avoid overcommit. The USB-C charging port allows you to charge quickly and conveniently.

Make Smarter Choices with RELX CBD

The mission of RELX is to empower adult smokers through technology and design, ethically. The brand is born with technology DNA, it holds more than 170 global patents, 30 independently developed innovative technologies, and invested over $1.5M on R&D.

Unlike most brands in the market, we never overstate CBD content, we used the professional UPLC-DAD detection method to test our CBD content.

RELX, the Asia leading vape company presents you the high-quality CBD products. We will always stay close to our customers and help them to pursue a healthy and natural lifestyle.

  • RELX CBD Colors
  • RELX CBD Flavors
  • RELX CBD Smart Pace
  • RELX CBD Battery
  • RELX CBD Detail
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