Puff Bar Suspends Sales in the U.S.

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Recently, Puff Bar suspends its product sales in the U.S., while international sales will still run as usual.

Puff Bar is a California-based e-cigarette company that founded in 2017. It is seen as the alternative to Juul with various choices of vape among young people because some of Juul Labs discontinued some of its flavored products or were banned by the government.

Puff Bar offers more than 20 flavors for customers, such as pina colada, blueberry ice, and pink lemonade. Although in the earlier this year, the Trump administration banned refillable cartridge-based e-cigarettes in fruit, mint and dessert flavors, such as the flavored e-cigarettes of Juul, brands that are used once and thrown away are not included.

(Puff bar | The Vapersworld.com)

Hence, the products launched by Puff Bar last year has been the key beneficiary of the policy's loophole. On the contrary, Juul's business has shriveled, and its sales have fallen since the implementation of related policies in the United States.

The FDA keeps regulating the e-cigarettes market, but it approved the continued sale of products on the market from Aug. 8, 2016, pending for agency review. And according to the report of vaporvoice, because Puff Bar was introduced after the date,

"So the agency should have the authority to remove it even though the product is disposable and even if the FDA cannot prove the company is targeting youths."

And there is less information about Puff Bar. For example, according to FairWarning, owners of the company still remain unclear. A document handed to the California Secretary of State notes Patrick Beltran as the chief financial officer and Nick Minas as the CEO. However, both of them claimed that they are only responsible for the management of the company's website.

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