Pros and Cons of Common CBD Products

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Pros and Cons of Common CBD Products

In 2018, with the passing of the Farm Bill, industrial hemp-derived CBD and medical marijuana products have been blooming in the market, a wide range of existing consumer goods can be added with CBD, according to the 2018 CBD consumer reports, sublingual ingestion is most preferable among consumers. Currently, most common products contain CBD include CBD-infused edibles, atomizers, CBD oils, tinctures, and CBD-infused beauty products.


CBD-infused Edibles (Including Tablets and Capsules)

Edible CBD products come in many forms, including beverages, candies, and capsules.

Advantages: A wide variety of CBD products are available, making it easy for consumers to find their favorite products. Available products include chocolate, chewing gum and granola may have an earthy taste, some consumers may find it unenjoyable, tablets and capsules containing CBD are often odorless and tasteless, and packaged foods are more likely to contain a certain limit of CBD.

Disadvantages: The absorption of CBD products is slow, unstable and subject to many factors. Research shows that edible products take some time for CBD to take effect, but once it does, it will last longer. The amount of food consumed by the human body affects the body’s absorption of CBD. The human body usually absorbs 20%-30% of the CBD, which takes 1-2 hours to take effect, but sometimes, it may take up to 6 hours to take effect.



The CBD atomizer is similar to an electronic cigarette that produces inhalable vapor by heating dried cannabis leaves or CBD oil.

Advantages: Atomizer is the fastest product for absorbing CBD. It can take effects in ten minutes, but most consumers can feel the effect in a few minutes, and the effect lasts for 3-5 hours. Atomizers usually take effect faster than edibles.

Disadvantages: Similar to edibles, many factors affecting the body’s absorption of CBD include the depth of inhalation, the time to hold the breadth and quality of atomizers. The human body usually absorbs 10%-60% of the CBD. The dose for atomizer is hard to measure.


CBD Oil and Tincture

CBD oils and tinctures are usually extracted from hemp, and consumers usually place it under the tongue or spray on the cheeks, and the CBD is directly absorbed by the blood.

Advantages: CBD oils and tinctures are the second fastest for absorbing CBD, usually it takes less than 30 minutes.

Disadvantages: Different product has different specifications, the dose is relatively difficult to measure, but the dosage can be solved by dropper with marking. The bottle needs to be shaken well before using, because the CBD may stick to the container.


CBD-infused Beauty Products

CBD-infused beauty products include lotions and lipsticks. Consumers usually rub the products directly onto the skin, and the CBD will slowly release into the blood.

Advantages: CBD-infused beauty products are as effective as ingested products, and the lotion can be applied to any areas desired, which is beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and dysmenorrhea.

Disadvantages: CBD beauty products need a large number of active substances to achieve an ideal absorption, so the price is relatively high, also, its active substances may cause skin allergy.

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