Prometheusbio Launches a New Generation of CBD Detection Equipment

With the heat of detection of cannabinoids keeps rising, and it seems that such technology has become the one most valuable segment in the Cannabis industry.

At present, the most matured methods for content determination in the world include gas chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, etc. The detection of cannabinoids is now highly recognized in the United States, detection requirements vary from different cannabis products.

Prometheusbio is engaged in the development of biomedical technology and medical research such as vitro diagnostics. The leading products are rapid diagnostic products, and it is one of the few companies in China that has obtained FDA and CFDA certification qualifications in the field of rapid diagnosis.

Prometheusbio’s first generation of testing equipment is designed for the detection of some drugs and illegal medicine, the qualitative detection of cocaine and THC, Methamphetamine, stimulants and so on. The Prometheusbio found that the core technology they have been using can be highly compatible with the detection of cannabinoids. This requires change subject to the technical level to directly detect the specific content of CBD and THC.

Recently, Prometheusbio has launched the second generation of cannabinoid detection equipment, which has great improvement compared to the previous one in many aspects. This new equipment has mainly improved the laser source, and the sensitivity of the fluorescent particles is much higher than before, which can reach the nanogram level. The technology was developed by the research team based in the Silicon Valley R&D Center in the United States, with independent intellectual property rights and technological competitiveness. Even at low concentrations, the specific substances in the product can be quantitatively detected.

Indeed, there are many types of equipment that can be used for the detection of cannabinoids in the US market, but such technical services are expensive – at least tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, Prometheusbio ‘s detection equipment has another advantage- portability, it can be easily carried around while maintaining the same sensitivity. Therefore, for this feature and the properties of the product, the portable design can not only supervise the industrial cannabis cultivation but also can be applied to customs, manufacturers and other scenarios. In this respect, it is the only product in the market

Mr. Xu, the CEO of Prometheusbio, said that whether it is the THC in the recreational marijuana or the CBD and THC in industrial hemp, the basic principle is to use the immunoassay to detect the content. However, a new generation of detection equipment can increase the signal release of the corresponding sample detection by several tens of times to hundreds, which is a huge technological innovation.

From the early stage of industrial cannabis breeding to breeding various seeds for hybridization, this new generation of equipment can be used to detect whether the content of THC exceeds the standard. Throughout the growth of plants, this equipment can be used at any time to detect THC, CBD and a variety of cannabinoids and trace elements. This saves the long process of sending samples, testing, and waiting for reports that would usually take 2-3 months.

For the CBD products, it is also easy to apply in the detection of products with less amount of cannabidiol. This equipment can directly measure the specific content of CBD and THC, in food, beverage, the e-liquid of electronic cigarette, facial mask and other skincare products. Even if new indicators are added to the test, the software used by the device will be continuously adjusted and updated without affecting the purity of the test.

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