Poll: 68% of New Jersey Voters Will Vote for Legalizing Marijuana

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A poll of voters in New Jersey showed that in November this year, nearly 70% (68%) of the respondents planned to vote for the legalization of adult marijuana.

According to a survey conducted by law firm Brach Eichler LLC commissioned by DKC Analytics, 68% of New Jersey residents said they would vote for legal adult cannabis in November. 26% of people opposed this measure.

Interestingly, 57% of respondents said they are not currently users of cannabis. Another 17% said they are now using marijuana, while 14% said they had used marijuana in the past, and 9% said they would consider trying marijuana if the state legalized marijuana.

The reform supported by 78% of Democrats and 19% of opponents; Republicans accounted for 57%, and the opposition accounted for 39%, and 27% of 63% of independents opposed. In total, only 6% of the respondents were unclear.

John D. Fanburg, co-chair of the Cannabis Law Practice at the firm, said the results confirmed that “there is overwhelming support for the creation of a regulated, adult-use cannabis marketplace in New Jersey.”

“Respondents supported it because it will create tremendous opportunity. It will create vitally needed new businesses, the state will receive significant tax revenues, and illegal sales will be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated. Voters see this as a win for everyone.” – Fanburg in a statement.

Opinion pollers divided on whether the reform should include controlling local cannabis sales, which will allow municipalities to decide whether to allow cannabis sales within their city limits. The majority (44%) of the respondents agreed, 41% opposed, and 51% were uncertain. Respondents also favored social-use lounges (50-38%), home delivery (55-33%), and limiting cannabis use to private property (71-26%).

Besides, public opinion surveys found that 68% of people support the expungement of low-level cannabis crimes under the new system. Fanburg said it is “well recognized” that minorities in New Jersey “were arrested and incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses disproportionate to non-minority populations.”

Charles X. Gormally, another co-chair of Cannabis Law Practice, stated that New Jersey legislators “should take full note” of respondents’ “strong support” for criminal reform, and they will be responsible for writing And implement legalization rules.

This poll comes from a survey of 500 registered voters in New Jersey from July 7 to 12. The error rate of the survey was 4.4%.

A Monmouth University poll in April also found that voters in New Jersey support the reform at 61%-34%.

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