Poland: Polish Firm Rolls out Hemp Conditioner to Go With Bar Shampoo

Poland: Polish Firm Rolls out Hemp Conditioner to Go With Bar Shampoo

Hemp bar shampoo from Poland is latest in personal care products.
" H&H works with trusted private suppliers who can supply large quantities, but the focus is always on quality, according to Gorski. "

Polish hemp firm Herbs & Hydro (H&H), based in Katowice, Poland had a hit with its unique, disc-shaped bar shampoo last year; that product is now in 5 markets across Europe (Poland, Ireland, England, Spain, Norway) and is a leading seller online in Poland. 

H&H has rolled out a conditioner to go with its highly popular hemp bar shampoo. CEO Tomek Górski said the initial response to the high-end bar conditioner among existing customers has been strong.

They offer the following variety of Hemp Bar Shampoo:

  • Hemp and May Chang
  • Hemp and Mango
  • Hemp and Coconut
  • Hemp and Raspberry,
  • Jim’s Beard Bar Shampoo with Hemp & Palo Santo

“It’s the next step in the evolution of the products in our portfolio,” Górski said of the heart-shaped conditioner bars. His  Poland-based company makes a line of top-shelf personal care products based on hemp and other plants.

Four Formulas

Along with a plain hemp formula, variations, all of which are hemp-based, are made with mango, coconut, and raspberry.

A beard shampoo bar has been added to Jim’s Beard Oil, a hemp-based grooming formula rolled out by H&H in 2018. The first in a planned line of men’s health and beauty products based on hemp and other herbs.

Jim’s Beard Oil is based on natural oils of hemp, Abyssinian, sea buckthorn, jojoba, safflower, and almond. The essence is of the Palo Santo tree, a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. 

Produced under a “no-waste” process, all H&H products are vegetarian and vegan-friendly — not tested on animals, so adhering to all European standards for cosmetics.

H&H’s formula for its hair-care products results in a unique balancing act. The combination of the shampoo and conditioner means a mild wash designed for all skin sensitivities and hair types. While compact in design – perfect for a travel kit – one set of bars provides about 50 shampoos.

Legacy Polish Hemp Firm

H&H, based in Katowice, Poland and which has been in business since 2014, already produces a high-end line of craft bar, liquid and foam soaps, sold primarily in Poland via its website and specialized distributors such as health and herb stores.

Herbs & Hydro’s planned line for men also includes beard & pubic shampoos, mustache wax, lubricants, skin lotions, and massage oil — all incorporating hemp oil.

Hemp-based bar soap made by H&H was the first of its kind made in Poland, and it continues to be the company’s best selling product domestically. While H&H first had to import hemp oil from Germany to make its products, in recent years supply in Poland has been sufficient for the current production.

Herbs & Hydro does a growing business supplying its branded products to high-end hotels in Poland. In 2017, the company picked up its first international customer, Dublin’s The Hemp Company, which is stocking H&H products.

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