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Old Man Was Arrested for Cultivating Cannabis

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Even cannabis cultivating is legal in their laws, as more and more countries and nations announced the legalization of industrial cannabis. their attitudes to this kind of thing such as CBD is tolerant. However, there are some countries that treat marijuana as drug And control the CBD/THC products strictly, such as Cyprus.

The police of Cyprus arrested a 76-year-old man suspected of illegally cultivating cannabis plants in the door in Larnaca on Monday.

Around 4.30 pm, members of the drug squad, armed with a warrant, searched the man’s home and found three cigarettes containing tobacco mixed with cannabis.

In the yard, the officers found nine cannabis plants, ranging in size from 10 centimeters to 45 centimeters in height.

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The factor of the legalization of CBD is its medical functions, such as relieving anxiety, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, preventing insomnia and promoting sleep quality, etc..

For its advantages outweigh disadvantages, Cyprus policy shows its tolerance to CBD. Thus, Cyprus, one of the EU, where CBD is legal. Production is permitted under the law of Cyprus. If the concentration of THC does not over 0.2%. CBD is legal only when it comes from industrial hemp and follows THC restrictions.

However, for the shortage such as addiction/cognitive shortfalls (A study presented at the society for Neuroscience meeting, in San Diego, depicted people who start using marijuana at a young age have more cognitive shortfalls) etc.. Cyprus still controls the cannabis cultivating strictly.

That’s the reason for the 76-year-old man’s arrest. He grew cannabis and went far away from the law.
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