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"“VITAVP” is Deploying it’s World Layout"

VITAVP, a leading enterprise, fast-growing vape company located in Beijing, China, is deploying its world layout.

VITAVP 's Early-stage Preparations

Vitavp, a fast-growing vape company in China, starts its world layout from May 2019. A professional sales team consists of experienced vape sales, vape design engineers and seasoned international sales was founded. After a thorough investigation of world vape environments. They now have EU CE, RoHs certification, TPD certifications, American FDA registration certification, Ca 65 standard certification, Japanese Food Safety Certification, UAE CB certifications, etc. A dust-free lab specialized in flavor R&D was came into service ever since VITAVP 2.0 lunched on 28th, July 2019.

According to VITAVP official website, they now have more than 20 flavors such as classical tobacco, ice mint, ice haw, pineapple, lemon berry... It is worth mentioning that as a Chinese brand they provide very authentic 'Chinese flavor' as Oolong tea, Jasmine Green Tea, etc.

They also set up the first flexible supply chain in Shenzhen in the industry.

VITAVP 0mg and 40mg Pods

For satisfying various demands of different regions, VITAVP put on the market with 0mg and 40mg nicotine strength pods. Each VITAVP STARTER KIT contains one battery device and three pods packaged separately.

Moreover, the VITAVP BATTERY DEVICE shell is forged integrally, which enables that the device could be used under very harsh environments such as bathing or, more seriously, swimming. VITAVP PODS are vacuum-packed in metallic paper. In addition to that, the pod is with paste core sealing process, featured as ONE IN 100000 LEAKING RATE, top 1 in the business.

Who Are the VITAVP Looking for?

"Any vapors that recognize the vape culture and VITAVP company culture are welcomed." Said by the founder and CEO Dony Liu. Liu is a serial entrepreneur and electrical engineer, but he prefers to be called a DJ player. As a member of the Chinese Musician Association, he had won the champion of the Chinese Pioneer DJ Contest for two times. With Liu's philosophy, the basic product design element is based on FASHION.

"To change the smoking habit of a whole generation." is VITAVP vision.

"We are targeting at smokers that are addicted to cigarette, hope through vaping, they could quit traditional cigarette, turn around to a healthier lifestyle”

CEO Dony Liu said in an interview.
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