Nova Scotia Ban on Flavoured Products Met With Opposition

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Nova Scotia Ban on Flavoured Products Met With Opposition

TRURO, N.S. – On April 1, Nova Scotia will become the only province with a ban on flavored e-cigarettes and juices.

As someone who successfully used vaping to stop smoking, Shannon Crowe isn’t in favor of a ban on flavored juice.

“I’m now five years smoke-free because of vaping, I used the fruity flavors; strawberry kiwi was my favorite. I started out vaping at higher-level nicotine and weaned myself down to zero, then quit vaping altogether. I think a ban will cause some people who are vaping to go back to smoking cigarettes,” said the Bible Hill resident.

“It would be smarter to have rules cutting down the nicotine strength.”Darryl Tempest, executive director of The Canadian Vaping Association, also feels nicotine strength should be the main focus.

“They’re banning flavors because of mass hysteria, without looking at possible implications. A flavor ban in no way addresses youth uptake. What we need to do is cap nicotine levels and sell in adult-only environments.” Darryl Tempest said.

He feels the black market will bloom once the ban goes into effect, and those products could be cut with Vitamin E acetate, which is prohibited in Canada and has been linked to lung issues in the U.S.

Tempest used vaping to quit smoking himself, starting with juice containing 18 mg/ml and now down to 3 mg/ml.

Sandy Buchman, president of the Canadian Medical Association, considers the flavor ban a step in the right direction.

“We know it is the flavored products that attract youth,” he said. “If they taste bad they won’t use them. We also need to lower the concentration of nicotine. I think both need to be done simultaneously. There should also be a ban on promotion and marketing.

The CMA has called on Health Canada to restrict the level of nicotine in vaping products, as well as ban flavors.

The Royal College of Physicians has advised people that vaping is “far less harmful than smoking tobacco.” They reported that in the UK about 3.6 million people vape, of whom 54 percent have given up smoking, 40 percent both smoke and vape and six percent have never smoked.  

Vaping wasn’t an effective smoking cessation aid for Pat Cox.

More about Canada Vaping Policy:

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