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New Vape App Launched by Pax After Apple Removed the E-Cigarette Apps

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Pax vape-Engadget

EVALI stands for e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury. It was initially known as VAPI (vaping associated pulmonary illness). EVALI is a lung disease related to the use of vaping products that can be life-threatening. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a panic that vaping will increase the chance of virus inflection across the US.

Hence, Apple removed 181 apps about vapes from the iOS App Store last November. Although users who already download these apps could still use it, it is unable to download now.

App Store-BetaNews
(Apple removed vape apps from app store | BetaNews)

Some of these apps were quite useful. For example, users could accept the latest news about vape. Pax, an American electronic vaporizer company, had also launched an Android and iPhone vape app, which allows users to connect their vape device with the app. But now it was removed by Apple.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the outbreak of EVALI has nothing to do with vaping legal and regulated products. Also, there is no evidence to prove the relationship between vaping and COVID-19 inflection.

Therefore, Apple doesn't have to remove apps about vape.

(PAX Vape | Engadget)

In response to Apple's vape apps removal, a desktop app was launched by Pax. This app allows its users to control their vape devices. Users could also receive cannabis strain information and safety features.

"Built-in response to Apple's removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store," said the firm in a press release.

Moreover, Jesse Silver, SVP of Product at PAX Labs said,

"We're thrilled to be able to restore functionality to Apple users... While we build our devices to work beautifully even without the app, the magic truly happens when you have precision control over things like temperature and dose, not to mention the confidence that comes with this level of information and transparency around what's in the pod."

Sliver continuously pointed out,

"Because so many of our features are developed through the lens of delivering a predictable, high-quality experience, it was really important to us that all of our customers could access them—regardless of whether they use iPhones or Androids."

However, this app is only a desktop app and cannot use or download on the phone.

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