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New Qualifying Condition to Regulate Medical Marijuana in Ohio

This Wednesday, Cachexia and wasting syndrome are added to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical cannabis by the medical board committee in Ohio. And this addition was agreed with state regulators. Meanwhile, the medical board rejected to add autism and anxiety to the list, reported by Cincinnati Enquirer.

The medical marijuana law of Ohio was established in 2016. According to this law, below medical conditions are allowed to use medical cannabis for treatment (including but not limited):

  • AIDS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injury
(Medical Marijuana Program The Cincinnati Enquirer)

After a discussion with professional experts from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, and the Ohio Children’s Hospital, the medical board rejected anxiety and autism as qualifying conditions.

Sarah Kincaid, director of Policy and Advocacy at Ohio Children’s Hospital Association pointed out,

“The inclusion of autism and anxiety as conditions has the potential to negatively impact the health and well being of thousands of children in Ohio… There is little rigorous evidence that marijuana or its derivatives are of benefit for patients with autism and anxiety, but there is a substantial association between cannabis use and the onset or worsening of several psychiatric conditions.”

Therefore, because of the unclear effects (both negative and positive) and the lack of efficacy in treating autism and anxiety via medical marijuana, especially for younger patients, it is better to spend more time on analysis about medical marijuana rather than adding the autism and stress in the qualifying list.

Furthermore, state regulators recently approved the adjustment of Medical marijuana law. Patients are now allowed to obtain more medical cannabis.

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