Mexico to Legalize Marijuana by April 30

New Mexico Governor Says Legalization of Marijuana Will Increase Tax Revenue

Mexico’s marijuana legalization bill is gearing up for a vote in the country’s Senate.

The Governor of New Mexico said recently that the state needs to seek various economic relief programs, including the legalization of marijuana.

In a live broadcast by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham this week, a resident asked if she would approve of the legislature’s legalization of adult cannabis to compensate for the economic losses caused by COVID-19.

The governor replied that if members of Congress promote the legalization of recreational marijuana, she feels that the shutdown of the primary project caused by the coronavirus outbreak “may not happen.”

Industrial hemp | Sohu
Industrial hemp | Sohu

“The projections are nearly $ 100 million of recurring revenue into the budget from cannabis legalization. If we want economic support and economic relief, then we have to use every economic idea. I also want to point out that the vast majority of New Mexicans favor recreational cannabis, “she said.

Lujan Grisham hinted that she might actively persuade lawmakers who opposed the legalization of recreational cannabis this year.

“We have an opportunity. I think all of our policymakers need to think clearly—and they should expect me to be supporting in the next general election—we have to pass recreational cannabis in the state. We need to diversify our economy. We need to increase the opportunity for recurring revenue and rebuild an economy that has suffered dramatically during this public health crisis, “she said.

The governor made a similar argument last month. However, he also admitted that the working group set up by the governor last year to study the impact of marijuana legalization might also be affected by the pandemic.

It should also be noted that the working group estimates that the revenue of the cannabis market will reach $ 100 million, which is the sum of the tax revenue of the existing medical cannabis market and adult cannabis sales.


New Mexico may fail to legalize recreational marijuana as planned during the 2020 regular legislative session. Still, the governor said in February that she is willing to let voters vote on a referendum to decide policy changes.

The live broadcast of Lujan Grisham did not directly answer the question of legalizing recreational marijuana at a special meeting in June. A spokesperson for her office recently said that the possibility of reforms next month is relatively low.

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