New Cannabis Harvesting and Refinement Technology

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Precision Extraction is the industry leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, lab planning, and production training. It recently launched some new cannabis harvesting and refinement technology. This technology is now integrated into the CRS 2000 - CryoMass Refinement System.

Precision Extraction announced an exclusive partnership with CryoCann USA for marketing, distribution, and sale. The CryoCann USA has a technology (in the process of patenting) that could be used in this new cannabis harvesting and refinement technology.

“The CRS 2000 is a solvent-free harvesting and refinement system that utilizes patent pending technology to harvest, dry, and purify biomass from the cannabis and hemp plants. At a rate of up to 600,000 grams per hour, the CRS 2000 instantly freezes the whole plant and fully separates the trichomes and essential chemical compounds from the biomass, including TH and CBD,” introduced by Precision Extraction.

CRS 2000 CryoMass Refinement System-Harvest & Reduce Biomass
(CRS 2000 CryoMass Refinement System | Harvest & Reduce Biomass)

Using this new technology, about 90% of the total amount of water within plants could instantly be evaporated.

“This process renders a 90% dried output material with a dramatic reduction in biomass volume of up to 80%,” points out by Precision Extraction. 

There are several advantages of this new technology (included but not limited to): 

  • Reduce storage space
  • Extended storage time
  • Processing into cannabis and hemp distillate
  • Isolating for consumer products

“Currently there are millions of pounds of harvested hemp biomass on the verge of spoilage. The CRS 2000 constitutes a total farming solution to circumvent hemp and cannabis drying, storage, waste and decomposition. Also, because of its dual functionality as a highly effective extraction device, the technology has broad applications,” said by Marc Beginin, CEO of Precision.

Chris Barone, CryoCann's co-founder as an expert in the cannabis industry, said, “We're thrilled to work with Precision to bring the CRS 2000 to the marketplace.”

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