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Morning Briefing: Tuesday, June 2

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Hemp | Marijuana Moment

New Mexico Governor Voices Support to Marijuana Legalization amid Coronavirus Outbreak

New Mexico governor Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham said last week that the state needs to explore every option for economic relief, and that includes passing marijuana legalization.

“Let’s end on a high note,” Grisham joked, adding that suspensions of various capital projects would not have occurred due to coronavirus outbreak if lawmakers had passed the bill to legalize recreational marijuana during this year’s regular session.

Indias Vape Ban

India has imposed a ban on vaping. Eight months since, despite the ban, people are still able to buy e-cigarettes from any paan shop. If not, they can buy them on the internet. However, since formal players like Juul or Vape are kicked out of the country, what these young vapers find are products imported from other countries like China. Such products tend to have quality issues.


Marijuana Sugar | benzinga.com

Auxly Generates $10M In Q1 Revenue, Cannabis Sales Account For 80%

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. reported on Monday that it has reached record revenue of $9.9 million in the first quarter. The substantial year-over-year revenue growth of 1,100% is mainly driven by so-called Cannabis 2.0 product sales from Dosecann. “These results are a culmination of focus and hard work by the tremendous team that makes up the Auxly family,” said the company’s CEO Hugo Alves in a statement.

States with Medical Marijuana Laws See 20% Drop in Certain Opioid Prescriptions

States with medical marijuana laws have seen certain opioid prescription rates drop around 20% compared to prohibition states, a latest study led by the Irving Medical Center of Columbia University has found. Researchers said the result underscores the importance of providing patients with pain management alternatives, such as cannabis, in efforts to reduce opioid use.

PAX Creates Website for Vape Management after Apple’s Vape App Ban

Apple removed all vaping-related apps from the App Store last year. To avoid the rule, Vape manufacturer PAX launched a website that allows users to manage their PAX vapes. With the new web app, Era and Era Pro users can control their devices on Macs and PCs using Google Chrome, providing an alternative to the missing iPhone app.


A photo of the two altars found at the entrance to a shrine at Tel Arad in southern Israel, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. | Israel Museum/Laura Lachman

Israeli Scientists Found Cannabis Residue in Ancient Temple

Archaeologists in Israel say they’ve found cannabis residue on artifacts from an ancient temple in the southern part of the country. This provides the first evidence of the use of the plant in the ancient Jewish religion. These researchers on Friday published their findings in the academic journal, “Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University.”

Coronavirus, a Boon for Cannabis Education

Cannabis education has slowly developed since marijuana began to earn legal status across U.S. states. As coronavirus spreads, American universities encountered new challenges that force them to reformulate their curriculum and explore new ways to earn money while acquiring knowledge. Green Flower Media recently cooperated with five universities to provide students interested in growing, testing and selling legal weed with cannabis education. The company expects to attract more talented people involved in the cannabis industry.


MedMen Temporarily Closes All Stores amid Looting Cases

U.S. marijuana giant MedMen has temporarily closed all of its stores after several of its Los Angeles-based locations were looted over the weekend. While strongly condemning the looting, MedMen vowed to offer support to its black employees during this difficult time. On May 25, black men George Floyd was killed on camera by officers affiliated with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Cookies Founder: Justice More Important Than Business

Cookies, a well-known marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, was looted during Saturday’s massive protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd. But the brand’s founder Berner says he is more concerned about the underlying injustices being highlighted by protestors than the damage to his storefront. “I value life and justice over my stolen cannabis merchandise,” he said.

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