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Morning Briefing: Monday, June 1

Hemp | Men’s Journal

Louisiana Lawmakers Clear Bill to Expand Medical Cannabis Access

White Opioids Pills | Getty Image
White Opioids pills | Getty Image

Doctors in Louisiana would be able to recommend medical marijuana for any patient, instead of only those seeking treatment for certain diseases and disorders, under a bill headed for the governor’s desk.

Cannabis Can Help

The Capitol丨Leafly

Cannabis legalization is the key to economic recovery, much like ending alcohol prohibition helped us out of the Great Depression during the 1930s. Click to read our full story.

Coronavirus Exerts Effects on Vape Industry

A man is vaping | VapeBiz

During the coronavirus outbreak, Americans’ demand for vape increases, but e-cigarette supply decreases. This is a result of massive layoff and staff quarantine. For full story, click here.

Global Vape Shops Reopen

A vape Store in China | Southern Urban Daily

Vape shops in the world, including New Zealand and the United Kingdom, are set to reopen as coronavirus risks decrease.

Australia’s Biggest Medicinal Cannabis Plant to be Built in Secret Melbourne Location

Cannabis丨Marijuana Moment

Australia’s biggest medicinal cannabis extraction and contract manufacturing plant will be built at a secret location in Melbourne’s south-east in a $50 million project aiming to help the local industry become more self-sufficient. The facility will be owned, funded and operated by The Valens Company, a Canadian medicinal cannabis business listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Frozen Chickens Found with Cannabis Stuffing

The cannabis was hidden inside these frozen chickens. | NT Police.
The cannabis was hidden inside these frozen chickens. | NT Police.

Traffickers have resorted to using frozen chickens to try and smuggle drugs into remote NT communities. Police have seized almost a kilogram of cannabis they say was destined for remote communities as part of Operation Starck.

American Cannabis Operator Stocks Soar 35% in May

Stocks map| American Cannabis Operator

Following twelve consecutive monthly declines and then a modest gain in April, the American Cannabis Operator Index extended its rally off of its all-time low set in March, increasing 34.7% to 30.20 during May.

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