Meilleure Health announces a strategic partnership with Gippro Japan to explore Japanese CBD market

Recently, Meilleure Health and Gippro announced to establish a joint venture company in Japan based on the huge potential of application of atomization technology in the health care industry and the positive policy in Japanese CBD market. The joint venture company will focus on CBD atomization technology research, brand operation and sales of associated electronics.

Meilleure Health is to acquire 10% of the shares of Gippro Japan for ¥50 million and the joint venture company will independently operate in Japan. Meilleure Health will own 51% of the company.

Founded in 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, Gippro focuses on the development of the world’s leading atomization technology and heat-not-burn technology. It has core technology advantages in chip development of electronic atomizers and has dozens of core technology patents. The new food atomization technology atomizes coffee, mint, fruit, tea, wine, etc. into nano-sized respirable particles, and has a rich series of products such as vitamin atomizing vape pens and energy atomizing vape pens. Gippro has obtained many testing certificates such as FCC, CE, Rohs and FDA through strict Japanese food-grade quarantine.

As the third-largest economy in the world, Japan has a very friendly legal environment for industrial hemp and CBD products, and Japan has a huge demand for the medical properties of CBD products as a country with severe aging and high per capita wealth. Atomization technology is one of the most mature health application methods for CBD application. Merrill Health chooses to cooperate with the Gippro, which has the core technology advantages, to enter Japan, a market with great potential and relatively mature regulations. It is another important step of the globalization of Meilleure Health’s industrial hemp strategy.

In addition, Meilleure Health also announced that in cooperation with the industrial hemp strategy, the company has invested in Hong Kong at a minimum of HK$100 million to establish the Meilleure Hemp Holding Ltd. Currently, Meilleure Health has established subsidiaries in Australia and Switzerland. Murray Health is committed to becoming a global leader in hemp health consumer brands and will continue to actively promote pharmaceutical R&D and health applications using CBD as raw materials, and actively build a global hemp health consumer brand with core technological advantages.

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