Marijuana/Drug Reforms Status Across America States

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Due to the deadlines for submitting signatures for the proposed voting initiative this week and next week, several marijuana/drug policy reform campaigns have entered the final stage.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit hard on cannabis, psychedelics and other drug reform groups across the country, forcing the end of signature collection activities. But activists in Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington, DC, are still active, some of whom are racing to collect enough valid signatures to qualify for the bill’s election. Others are now waiting for officials to Review the petition they have submitted. The following is a supplement to measures that Mississippi, New Jersey, and South Dakota have already qualified for voting in November.

The proposed ballot measures will complete everything from legalizing marijuana to legalizing psychedelics (such as psilocybin and ayahuasca). The following is the latest status of their location:


Arizona deadline: July 2

Smart & Safe Arizona is a campaign that aims to legalize marijuana into the November vote and appears to be well qualified.

Idaho deadline: To be determined

Although the initial signature period for the legalization of medical marijuana passed on May 1, a federal judge recently ruled that the state must facilitate separate non-marijuana voting campaigns due to the coronavirus pandemic. Activists believe that the ruling will also apply to cannabis measures.

Nebraska deadline: July 3

Activists who championed the state’s legalization of medical marijuana handed over 182,000 original signatures on Thursday-far more than the 121,669 valid submissions required to qualify for voting…

Oregon Deadline: July 2

A legalization campaign to use psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes has submitted signatures that qualify them to vote.

Washington DC deadline: July 6

In Washington, DC, activists are continuing to collect signatures of the proposed measures to implement laws against various entheogenic substances.

Cannabis Legalization Northjersey
Cannabis Legalization Northjersey

The following are the status of other drug policy campaigns that have succeeded or failed so far this year:

The Office of the Oregon Secretary of State announced that a campaign aimed at legalizing current illegal drugs and expanding treatment for drug abuse has been eligible to vote.

South Dakota’s medical and recreational measures to legalize marijuana meet the November voting requirements.

Activists in Mississippi collected enough signatures to qualify the medical marijuana legalization program. Although lawmakers have also approved a competitive (less popular) medical marijuana proposal from the advocates’ standpoint, the project will appear alongside the campaign-supported proposal.

The New Jersey Legislature also approved a referendum to legalize marijuana before voters.

Activists in Montana recently collected more than 130,000 signatures to qualify a pair of cannabis programs-one that legalizes the use of adult cannabis, and another that requires individuals to be 21 years old to participate in the November vote. The state is currently verifying these submissions.

The Arkansas Cannabis Legalization Act campaign was not eligible to vote this year.

A proactive initiative to legalize current illegal drugs and expand the scope of treatment services in Washington State said last week that they would no longer vote because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they sought to implement policy changes through the legislative body during the next session, which began in January 2021.

In California, after the coronavirus pandemic petition was difficult and officials disagreed with the request to allow electronic signature collection, the psilocybin legalization measures fell through.

The Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement officially gave up its efforts in 2020, and home segregation measures made it almost impossible to collect enough signatures.

Activists in North Dakota ended their push to legalize marijuana in 2020 and instead sought eligibility for 2022.

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