Making the HnB a real “Lighter”

Heat-not-burn (HnB) has been popular in Japan and South Korea in recent years, which has promoted the development of related enterprises. Although China’s heat-not-burn cigarettes are defined as tobacco products and are regulated by the tobacco monopoly system, the heaters are currently unregulated. This also allows the manufacturers outside of China to have a lot of room to maneuver

At present, most HnB heaters are affected by factors such as battery life, large size and heavy weight, which makes many users feel inconvenience. In the past, only one pack of cigarettes and one lighter were needed. Now use HnB equipment. Although the pods are much smaller than traditional cigarettes, most of the heaters are not sophisticated enough to be carried by users.

Many users compare the heater to the HnB “lighter”, but if the “lighter” is too bulky, it does increase the trouble of use and carries.

Although IQOS “original work” is unmatchable in terms of exterior design, without the charging stand, it is necessary to charge when using every time, which is the pain point that electronic products are difficult to maintain both portability and battery life.

However, some products have been improved in this respect, making the heater a veritable HnB “lighter”.

Introducing the new HnB heater Q3.

Compared with the “big gift box” packaging of general products, Q3’s packaging is very simple, inside the box, it is divided into two.

The package contains one heater, one multi-language instruction manual, one USB charging cable, one cleaning brush, and several alcohol swabs.

In fact, by comparison with the alcohol swab, it is not difficult to find that the Q3 is very small in size. The length of the whole heater is only 94mm, the width of the fuselage is 22mm, and the thickest part is only 17mm. Compared with cigarettes, it is very intuitive. Like a “lighter.”

The Q3 machine adopts a curved surface design, the shape is round and fashionable, and the lower part of the surface of the metal body is frosted, which adds visual highlights.   The side control area is rectangular, with function buttons and indicator lights in the middle, a cigarette holder on the top and a USB charging port on the bottom.

Q3 adopts an oversized holder design, which is more convenient for users to operate. The cigarette holder and the body are fixed by a strong magnet.  

The heating part of Q3 does not use the “needle heating” of most current products and still adopts a more mature and stable “sheet heating”, and the contact area with the cigarette is larger, which is more conducive to uniform heating.

In terms of operation, Q3 also adopts the mainstream control mode. It can be turned on and off by pressing the button 5 times in a row. After the cartridge is inserted, press and hold the button until the built-in motor of the main unit is vibrated and then released to enter the preheat mode.

When the heating piece reaches the constant temperature state, it can be used. After 12 minutes or heating for 5 minutes, the host will vibrate and prompt, after 2 or 30 seconds, it will automatically power off and end the working state.

If you want to abort during heating, you can press and hold the button until the light goes out.

When the heating is finished, push with the thumb gently, and the cigarette holder can be taken out, and the heated cigarette is discarded.

Observing the discarded cigarette, it can be seen that the heating temperature is still low. From the appearance, there is no discoloration of the burnt. Break it down, it can be seen that the temperature on both sides of the heating sheet is relatively high, and gradually radiates to the outside, which is the relatively same color.

Although the size of the Q3 is small, the battery life is relatively long. Under normal circumstance, 15-18 cigarettes in one row, which can cover the daily use.

to sum up:

The biggest feature of Q3 is its compact size, easy to carry, slightly larger than the lighter, and very convenient for daily use.

The host does not support the heating gear adjustment, which is slightly inconvenient, because each person’s taste is different, the heating temperature suitable for different cartridges is also different. For example, the user with a large smoke addiction will feel the heating taste is a bit gentle. If the heating gear can be adjusted like most products on the market, the adaptability will be even greater.

Overall, as a HnB heater, Q3 is still very suitable for daily and portable use. It is small and light, and it has become a “lighter” for HnB.

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